LVMPD crime tape

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A 15-year-old was found dead in the west Las Vegas Valley early Saturday morning, according to police.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police were called to the 6400 block of Casada Way, near West Charleston Boulevard and Torrey Pines Drive, around 12:30 a.m. after receiving reports of gunshots heard in the area, said LVMPD homicide Lt. Ray Spencer.

When officers arrived, they found a "male juvenile" suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. According to Spencer, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The Clark County Coroner identified the boy as 15-year-old Gino Williams of Las Vegas.

Police said Williams was involved in a drug deal when there "was an exchange of gunfire." After he was shot once, he ran through an apartment complex nearby. He was then shot a second time in an alley where he finally collapsed. 

Anyone with any information can contact Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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(18) comments


He is still dead, and his sympathizers are still dumb.


When anyone gets involved in these kind of things they know there can be a deadly outcome. There is no remorse for this kid he was doing adult things now hes paying the price.


Wow I feel bad for the kids of, if any, these negative Nancy's on here, to be so judgemental and have no compassion for even the family! This kid was a son, a brother, a nephew, a uncle, a grandson, a friend a flippin human being, and it could happen to anyone, anytime, and just because of time and place automatically be labeled is disgusting, this isn't a witch hunt, let's not feel good by kicking someone while they are down, let a family grieve and have some compassion what is done is done, unless he was raping a child or girl, absolutely nothing validates a 15 year old boy to be shot and killed to freakin die on the cold alley asphalt in the dark, bless the man who showed compassion and stayed with him so he wasn't alone when he took his last...

I have kids that I instill values and respect but once they leave with peers, as parents all we can do is hope but we never know!

My prayers and love to the family


How about we focus on the fact that this is a 15 year old young man who lost his life. Stop all the trash talk he was someone's child. We all made some bad choices as teenagers this could have happened to many of our kids and family members. Let's focus on finding the shooter! He deserves to face the consequences of his choices!


no one actually knows what happened that night the only suspect that was know at the scene was gino williams and he's no longer alive. so what i dont understand is why they are saying that this was a drug deal?where is the proof? until everyone knows for sure what actually happened people should stop making these stupid assumptions about him.


Last picture he posted on his Facebook page he is posing with a loaded revolver. What a little piece of garbage. We should celebrate him being dead.


steven it doesn't matter what he post or how he chose to live his life that fact is that a minor was killed. he was still human and no deserves to go through such a painful death, not even you and the rest of the ignorant people out there.


Boo hoo. He was a violent criminal and is now dead. I am not a criminal, and I am alive. You coddle criminals. Who exactly is ignorant again? Grow up and get a clue. Society despises people like him and the tools like you that coddle them.


wow! proving my point about how ignorant you are. where i this article does it say that he was violent? it clearly states that he was the one shot. your also one to be talking about growing up, no adult would ever say that you should celebrate a child's death.

so who's the one that needs to grow up? i also don't coddle anyone i'm just stating facts, your just a narcissist who cant seem to handle them.

Jimmy coors

More drug trash gone ! Worthless low life !


jimmy coors your obviously the real trash and low life if you have to gut to say such awful things about a 15 year old kid who just lost his life. branylikethedrink was right it easy to say things when your hiding behind your screen. i bet you wouldnt say that to someones face coward.


Drugs kill folks.


Hawks15 your a real piece of work, I'm pretty sure you have no facts or knowledge of this kid, remember what they say about assuming! Easy to be so judgemental with no face you are one of the many reasons why ignorance will always remain!


HUH!! It was only a narcotics deal. And that most likely took place in a low income, section 8 area. And thats where most of your gang members live and deal. The worthless parents, if he has any, will still say he was a good boy though he was dealing in drugs.


And remove the slums and the problem is gone


Dems will never remove their voters base.


Really what do you think drug deals only happen in low income areas?


One less gang boy

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