Area 51

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Area 51 hype is real and some local businesses are thriving because of it. 

Las Vegas Adventure tours said they're the only group to offer tours around Area 51. Since the Storm Area 51 Facebook post went viral, it sparked international interest about what really happens on the highly classified military base. It also sparked international business for Area 51 tours. 

The tour starts just east of Mandalay Bay, near Janet Airways. 

"The top secret airline that doesn't exist," said Will Tryon. 

Tryon is a former tour guide turned VP of Adventure Photo Tours. 

"There's six jet airliners that are white with a red stripe down the side unmarked airliners that fly back and forth to Area 51 daily," said Tryon. 

What those people do once they're on base is classified. 

Tryon wants to know the truth. 

"The American people need to know, is there a spaceship there? Are there aliens there? In my opinion, yes there is," he said. 

He's talking from experience. He said he's seen UFOs before. 

"One was a ball of light that shot up in the air to a great altitude like space and then made a 90 degree turn and went that way at a speed that was staggering." 

Tryon has been talking about Area 51 for almost two decades. He's not the only one who wants to know what happens beyond the gates of Area 51. 

"Since this went viral, business has gone up considerably," said Tryon. tracks Area 51 website traffic. Before the Storm Area 51 hype, the tour was mostly searched by people in the U.S. As the event gained attention, the U.S dropped and Spain jumped to number one. 

"It's always been international but is there a bump in interest? Of course there is." 

Tryon told me he hopes no one actually raids the military base but he's glad it's sparking another conversation. 

"Go out have a good time, go to the concert, drink some beer in the desert and talk alien stories," Tryon said. 

He's got some of his own. 

"Some of those stars you see at night are other galaxies with billions of stars in their galaxies and we're the only ones out there? Come on. It's impossible, its mathematically impossible of course there is other races. Have they been here? Yes. Are they still here? Probably. You maybe be one," Tryon said talking to reporter Kyla Galer. 

Tryon is canceling his tours from Sept. 19 through 21 while the music festivals are happening. 

He said he doesn't want to put his tour guides at risk of running out of gas or getting into "a dangerous situation."

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