The lawyer of the man accused of driving drunk and crashing into a couple stopped at a red light said that there is no probable cause that his client was behind the wheel during the deadly crash.

“There is probable cause that the car was travelling at a high rate of speed but the state has to show probable cause that [my client] was operating the car,” defense attorney Damian Sheets argued before a judge Monday.

According to police, Henry Aparicio, 23, was driving under the influence and at a high rate of speed when he rear-ended a Toyota Prius at the intersection of Sahara and Hualapai the night of May 15. Married couple Damaso and Christa Puente died at the scene.

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At the preliminary hearing, the prosecution pointed to evidence including witness statement and the defendant’s initial reaction to the crash.

“He blurted out these two statements: ‘Did I kill the two people?’ ‘Did I run the red light?’ It’s basically an admission,” the prosecution said.

The judge said she wants to bring a jury on board to weigh in on some aspects of the case.

Aparicio is expected back in court Wednesday June 6.

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