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A manicurist has filed a lawsuit against Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts and his business partners after Wynn allegedly sexually assaulted and harassed her.

According to the lawsuit, the woman started giving Wynn manicures in 2015 in his office or at the Claude Baruk Salon at Wynn Resorts. During those manicures, Wynn would rub her arms or legs, and demand she sit close so her knee would touch his crotch. He would also hold his hand "over his genitals" making the woman "contact his genitals through his pants." When she tried to pull away, Wynn would become angry and agitated, the lawsuit claimed.

"When [the woman] would retreat, Mr. Wynn would become agitated," said attorney Justin Watkins of Battle Born Injury Lawyers. Watkins is representing the manicurist. "She felt that she had to comply with his demands or she would lose her job."

The woman feared she would be fired or harmed and complained to her supervisor and upper management at Wynn Resorts and to the salon staff. She said she was ignored or casually dismissed. Wynn's conduct continued after her complaints. The lawsuit claims that Wynn's business partners and staff allowed the sexual harassment and assault to happen and they either knew about it or should have known.

According to the lawsuit, Wynn regularly visits the salon for manicures and pedicures in spite of the sexual misconduct allegations that continue to mount against him.

"On or about January 31, 2018, Baruk, Wynn Directors and Wynn Resorts representatives attended a meeting at the salon, and allowed Steve Wynn to directly address all employees of the salon." There, he "demanded that anyone who ever felt assaulted or abused to raise their hand." "No one raised their hand out of fear of retaliation," the lawsuit said.

"On or about February 1, 2018, during a birthday celebration for one of the salon employees ... Wynn demanded that all employees record a video in which they stated Wynn had never assaulted them."

The lawsuit said the woman suffered special, general, economic and future damages in excess of $15,000. It said Wynn and his business partners should be liable for a more than $15,000 each, plus additional fees.

Two massage therapists who were employed at Wynn Resorts had also filed lawsuits against Steve Wynn and the company.

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The new CEO of Wynn Resorts denied any knowledge of sex claims against the founder of the company.

FOX5 has reached out to Wynn Resorts. A spokesperson said they do not have a comment because Mr. Wynn is no longer with the company.

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