Orianna Cervantes

Orianna Cervantes 

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas woman faces a second-degree murder charge in the February overdose death of her ex-boyfriend.

According to the arrest report for 20-year-old Orianna Cervantes, someone called 911 on Feb. 14 to report their friend and roommate had been unresponsive.

The victim was identified in the report as Joshua Lawrence Gallegos, 24, who was pronounced dead of a suspected drug overdose shortly after emergency personnel arrived.

A friend of Gallegos at the scene told police the prior night, the victim was "very drunk" and facilitated the purchase of oxycodone from Cervantes, who he used to date. The friend said they met her in a parking lot and she gave the victim four pills.

All three friends took the pills, but the two surviving roommates gave inconsistent statements regarding how much was consumed by each, the report showed. Venmo and Cash App transaction histories confirmed Gallegos' payments to Cervantes.

At home, the friend said Gallegos fell asleep, but they became concerned about him and called another friend for help. They were told to place Gallegos on his side in case he vomited, but "there wasn't any need for concern."

The following day, they found Gallegos unresponsive on the couch.

In March, police conducted an undercover purchase of cocaine and pills from Cervantes. A forensic review of the oxycodone showed the pills contained fentanyl. 

Within a week, Cervantes was taken into custody "with purported cocaine and purported oxycodone pills in her hands," police wrote. Her boyfriend Alvin Sinclair, a convicted felon, was also arrested. At her home, police said they found methamphetamine, Adderall, cocaine, mushrooms, oxycodone pills, LSD and a Kimber 9mm handgun.

Further investigation of her iPhone confirmed the conversation between Cervantes and Gallegos regarding the drug transaction. Following his death, police said she searched online for his obituary.

She also searched for Jayden Hughes, a 20-year-old Las Vegas man recently charged in an overdose death.  

Gallegos' death was confirmed by the Clark County coroner to have been a combination of the effects of fentanyl, MDMA, alcohol, a morphine derivative and an over the counter antihistamine. It wasn't clear how much fentanyl was in his system at the time of his death, but the police report attributed it as the main reason for his death.

A warrant for the second-degree murder was executed on June 17. Cervantes is expected in court on Oct. 20 for a preliminary hearing. 

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