LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A typically busy Thanksgiving holiday for Las Vegas will see "steady" flows of traffic, according to industry and hospitality experts. 

For Thanksgiving, AAA Nevada ranked Las Vegas as a top destination for hotel bookings in the region. AirBnb listed the valley as a high-ranking location for holiday bookings. Travel app TripIt rated Las Vegas fourth in destinations for flights.  

The tourism destination has maintained popularity during the pandemic. 

In 2019, 290,000 tourists came to Las Vegas during Thanksgiving. Experts do not expect those numbers, but do anticipate turnout. 

UNLV Assistant Professor Amanda Belarmino, who researches hospitality, said all data points to a steady flow of travelers into Vegas for the weekend. 

"There's less travel to family than we would normally see. but on the other hand... people may be more likely to do something celebratory that's different," Belarmino said, pointing to steady travel to Vegas for small groups and couples. 

Tourists flock to valley restaurants for a Thanksgiving bite to eat. Parkway Tavern and Fine Entertainment's properties have seen a steady rise in reservations.

"With smaller gatherings, you really don't want to put together a huge thanksgiving feast for two at your house," said Jaimesen Mapes. 

Their other properties, which include Rockhouse and PBR Rock Bar on the Strip are seeing reservations come in, closer to the holiday.  

Parkway Taverns are offering "Friendsgiving" specials with Thanksgiving food Monday through Thursday to allow for socially-distant, smaller gatherings before the holiday. For more information, click here: Parkway Tavern

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