Las Vegas shooting survivors search for their 'heroes'

Two survivors searched for their rescuers from Sunday's massacre.

There are countless stories of strangers helping strangers on Sunday night, and some survivors spent days trying to find who helped them during the chaos.

JimmyLee Gilmore and Meaghan Jacobson said they are still trying to process the horror that enveloped them Sunday night.

"We're still in a lot of shock," Jacobson said. "It's hard to process."

The two friends said they were near the stage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. They were listening to their favorite singer, Jason Aldean, when the shots rang out.

"We heard the shots, and in that moment, you don't really know what to do," Jacobson said. The two young women described seeing people get shot around them, and the chaos that followed.

They said they were too shocked to move, and that's when two strangers sprang into action.

"They guided us to the ground, and then he put his leg and his arm over us," Gilmore said, explaining how the strangers shielded them from the gunfire. "They guided us to a safe exit and then we lost them, and couldn't say, 'Thank you.'"

Those terrifying moments were captured on camera, and circulated on news coverage throughout the night.

"I said, 'Meaghan there's a photo of us all over the news,' and to see yourself running for your life is really ... it breaks my heart to see her holding that guys shirt," Gilmore said.

Even though seeing the picture was difficult, they posted it on Facebook hoping to find the two men they say saved their lives.

"Everybody was asking, 'Is this you? Is this you?' And I'm like, 'Yeah that's me," Michael Meza said. Meza was one of the strangers in the photo.

"I remember getting down and covering them up, and I looked at my friend saying 'There's no way this is happening,'" Meza said. He saw the Facebook posts and reached out to the two young women.

"They sent me messages telling me 'Thank you,'" he explained, but he said he doesn't think of himself as a hero.

"I don't look at it that way, I was just doing what I could do to help people," he said.

But the two young women disagreed.

"There's no amount of thank yous or anything we could do to repay these gentlemen, I truly feel that' we're still alive because of them," Jacobson said. "He truly is my hero."

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