Las Vegas San Gennaro Feast could get canceled for serving alcohol to minors

San Gennaro Festival Sept. 2017

Foodies around the valley may be in for a big disappointment! The San Gennaro Feast may be canceled this spring because the festival lost its business license for selling alcohol to minors.

From the sizzling food to the music to the rides, Las Vegans love the San Gennaro Feast.

"Everything they bring together all the different vendors and stuff like that they usually bring a lot of good stuff," Las Vegas resident Stefan Klein said.

Clark County suspended the feast's business license after they said bartenders served alcohol to minors last Sept.

"I think it’s unfortunate. It’s a fun family event every time we go there we have a great time, great food, seems to be a great crowd, and everyone’s enjoying it. So it’s really unfortunate if its gonna get canceled," Las Vegas resident Stephanie Dolan said.

"Whether it's a mistake or not, they knew what they were doing or they weren't taking the precautions to card and ID, and we are in a service industry city and it's a high priority and everybody's well aware of what that is," Klein said.

Representatives from the San Gennaro Feast did not respond to phone calls and emails Wednesday morning. Their website said the feast will run May 9-13, but the location is still to be determined.

"Hopefully someone can change their mind and we can still have it here. It's a great time," Dolin said.

"I hope they take out all the bad seeds and keep the festival going. There's no reason to take it out of the city. It's something that's been here for a long time and I went to when I was younger, so I hope they figure out how to fix that problem and move on from there," Klein said.

The county said the festival may still occur in city limits with the proper business license, but not in unincorporated county land. There is a hearing Thursday about the license status.

Yikes! Working on this story today.. County tells me the festival COULD still happen in other cities...depending on if they get a valid business license there... in 2016 it was held in @CNLV @FOX5Vegas— Kathleen Jacob FOX5 (@Kathleenjjacob) March 21, 2018

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