Las Vegas 51s new owners trademark 'Las Vegas Aviators'

The Las Vegas 51s play ball during a Fourth of July game (Vince Sapienza/FOX5).

Throughout the last couple of months, Las Vegas 51s officials have been sifting through the thousands of fan suggestions for the team's new name.

In April, the team announced it would be changing its name to coincide with the new stadium which opens next year, and its new major league affiliation.

Suggestions ranged from "Scorpions," to "Roundabouts," but now fans got a look at what the name could be.

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On Monday, bloggers noticed the team's owner, Howard Hughes Corporation, bought several domains related to the Aviators. The owners also trademarked variations of "Las Vegas Aviators."

Spokesperson Jim Gemma for the team said nothing is official, but Las Vegas Aviators is a "contender" for the new name. Gemma said the name was one of the most popular fan submissions, and the team wanted to protect it so nobody bought up the domains.

The name would presumably pay tribute to Howard Hughes, the famous pilot and the inspiration for the movie "The Aviator."

Hughes owned several casinos in Las Vegas, including the Desert Inn, where he lived as a recluse for years. Hughes also bought what would eventually become Summerlin, where the baseball team will play next year in a its new stadium.

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