HENDERSON (FOX5) -- Some restaurant owners say a new form of dine and dash is taking hold amid the pandemic.

Instead of a customers ditching the check at the end of a meal, this new form of dine and dash is being carried out via food delivery apps.

Eric Lipsky, owner of Bell’s BBQ in Henderson, said lately he has seen an increase in mistakes and issues reported through his third party delivery services. Customers get their order, then dispute the charges.

 “I can’t tell whether it is a legitimate issue where we made a mistake or if someone is just trying to get a refund for the delivery service that they are using,” said Lipsky.

He says some customers have used the apps long enough to know what they can get away with and how.

To minimize the number of errors on his end, Lipsky is double and triple checking togo orders, crossing off items as they are placed into the togo bag.

However, even those safeguards don’t always work.

“They’ve learned the tips and tricks and maybe realized that if they mark something as incorrect, they might be able to get their money back,” said Lipsky.

 In a statement to FOX5, a Grubhub spokesperson said:

"We have no tolerance for misconduct, and if we discover that a customer is misusing our platform, we will promptly block their account. We review refund requests to determine the best course of action, which is often Grubhub providing a refund to the restaurant owner for the cost of the meal."

Lipsky said most of the time, it’s not the third party delivery services that are picking up the costs.

 “As of now, one hundred percent of the mistakes for most of the services, most of the time, are being pushed on to us,” said Lipsky.

While he acknowledges that some may have been his fault, Lipsky said he had 11 of refund requests in January and had to pay for all of them.

Refund requests, Lipsky said, rely on the honor system and sometimes there is no way to tell if a customer is being honest.


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Typical lowlife freeloading!


Bells has excellent food. Shrimp and grits is delicious! People are learning to scam for food on social media, its disgusting that people are so dishonest. Bells has good dessert too.


Wonder if they're black?


I would guess that 87% of them were not based on demographic data.


Go back to 'pick up' only.

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