LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Looking for a good deal on a home rental? A lot of people are and that’s why a local realtor is sharing information about a rental scam.

The local realtor said scammers are trying to lure people in to a cheap home rental, and then swipe their money. He said he knows it’s happening because a scammer used the home that he listed for sale.

He said the ad was on Facebook: Only $900 a month for a nice three bedroom, 1,300 square-foot home.

Realtor Robert Hau said the home was in escrow when the bogus rental ad came out, and the scammer used his listing photos. He thinks this home was targeted because it's vacant.

Hau said people might be apt to fall for this scam because home rentals are in high demand right now, especially cheap ones. He said in this type of scam, someone may ask the victim to meet them at the rental property, and then get them to give the scammer money.


(Gai Phanalasy/FOX5)

"And what they're trying to do is take their deposit from people. They're trying to take, whether it's just an application fee or even more, from people by pretending this property, or putting it up as if it's for rent," he said.

The Nevada State Apartment Association offered some good information to keep people from getting scammed. When looking for a rental, use a reliable site like Zillow or

Go to the Clark County assessor's website to find out the owner of property, so you know who you're talking with, and never use cash -- use a cashier's check or money order.

They also said to use a credit card over a debit card if you can, as it's easier to contest a charge that way if someone tries to rip you off.

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Funny how many scams there are out there. I had a rental a few years ago, and a Realtor posted my listing as theirs to try and get calls. I had already rented it and could not get them to take the listing down. It took a while.

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