Best time for real estate sales comes first week of April. (FOX5)

Best time for real estate sales comes first week of April. (FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- For buyers and sellers nationwide, the best time to buy a home or sell starts when the weather beings to warm up and right before school lets out for summer.

"By the time they buy now and get all moved in during summer its just in time for next school season," says Luxury Estates International broker Kamran Zand.

Homes listed within the first few days of April get sold quicker and end up selling for more money.

Zand said he's already seen a 50 percent increase in sales in the Las Vegas area. With high end buyers, he said his sales of million dollar or more homes doubled.

"The weather in Las Vegas is just perfect. I think people are just inspired to shop, spend more time outdoors. They can put up with doing as many showings in a day," Zand said.

For prospective sellers, make sure to make your home stand out. Get rid of clutter and don't get greedy with the asking price. 

For buyers, Zand said to be wary of trying to come in too low on the asking price. Zand said to be prepared to come in at list price or higher.

"Within the next two years we'll see significant activity with Raiders coming and tax burdens increasing in California. We'll see an influx of buyers continue to come," Zand said.

Homeowners should be aware the market in the area tends to slow anytime after the holidays- November through January. 

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