Las Vegas raises $49,400 for Mexican Red Cross and earthquake relief

A check for $29,400 was sent to the Mexican Red Cross, and Mariana's SuperMarket is pitching in an additional $20,000. (FOX5)

A check for $29,400 was sent to the Mexican Red Cross, and Mariana's SuperMarket is pitching in an additional $20,000.

The store teamed up with the Latin Chamber of Commerce to hold a fundraiser Sunday in the wake of a deadly 7.1-magnitude earthquake that shook Mexico on Tuesday. People in the community listened to music, ate Mexican food and pulled out their wallets for a good cause.

The people in charge only had a few days to put the event together. Still, plenty of people showed up, including Rep. Ruben Kihuen (D). He thanked everyone for coming out to show their support.

Even though Kihuen is a politician, organizers said there was absolutely nothing political about this event.

"It's just people getting together going about doing good," Christopher Roman of the Latin Chamber of Commerce said. "It's the best of everybody!"

"You have people (in attendance) who I know don't speak a word of Spanish, but they're just out there to show their support for our neighbors there in Mexico," North Las Vegas City Councilman Isaac Barron said. "It's a human thing, whenever we see disasters ... it's very much an American kind of thing."

People also donated truckloads of water and canned food. They said they hope the donations make a difference for a country that could really use the help.

Another way to donate is the private "Fuerza México" fund, which accepts deposits in U.S. dollars.

The Mexican Red Cross, or "Cruz Roja Mexicana," is also accepting donations through its website and through

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