Five days into the search for a missing 2-year-old Las Vegas boy, the trail remains cold.

UPDATE (May 10) --  There's still no sign of a Las Vegas toddler missing since last Wednesday.

Amari Nicholson was reportedly handed over to a woman who claimed to be the boy's aunt by his mother's boyfriend. He's been missing ever since.

For five days, volunteers have been canvassing the area handing out flyers. So far, they have turned up nothing.

"We just want Amari to come home safely," said Marlesha Everett, the little boy's aunt. "We're hoping he's OK, happy and we're going to bring you home soon."

Taylor Nicholson is the boy's mother. Despite the missing boy, Everett claims the two women have not spoken. According to Everett, her brother and Nicholson are not on good terms, but that shouldn't get in the way of the search. 

Nevada Child Seekers says it will continue it's canvassing until Amari Nicholson is found. Also on May 10, Las Vegas police released a PSA for the missing boy on social media:

ORIGINAL REPORT: LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas police are investigating a report of a missing 2-year-old boy last seen east of the Strip.

About 3:11 p.m. on May 5, the child, identified as Amari Nicholson, was reported missing in the area of 3600 block of Paradise Road near Sands Avenue.

All hospitals are asked to check their registries for him and notify police.

A group of volunteers on Saturday helped search for 2-year-old Amari Nicholson, who was reported missing on May 5..

Authorities are asking for any leads or tips which might aid in their investigation. Previous reports of a body found in a nearby dumpster were unfounded, police said.

There are conflicting stories from family members.

Amari’s father, Jyrgio Hayes, lives in the Reno area. He said he doesn’t have much contact with Amari other than a visit in person last year in Henderson and several video calls. 

The father of Amari Nicholson asking for answers after his son was reported missing.

“I don’t know where my son is. If anybody does I just hope they can help me, just tell us where he is,” Hayes said.

On Friday, Tayler Nicholson, along with her boyfriend Terrell Rhodes, talked about what happened. Tayler Nicholson said she was in Colorado while Rhodes was taking care of Amari at their Emerald Suites apartment when someone showed up Wednesday morning.

About 3:11 p.m. on May 5, the child, identified as Amari Nicholson, was reported missing in the area of 3600 block of Paradise Road near Sands Avenue.

“He got a knock on the door at 6 in the morning from a lady representing herself as Jyrgio’s sister. And then he, in the situation process he’s trying to call me to figure out what’s going on. And I’m sleeping in Colorado and I wasn’t able to answer in time so as he’s packing a bag she grabs the baby and runs out the apartment. And by the time he’s able to go out and find where she went she was no where to be seen," Nicholson said.

Rhodes said he was expecting someone to come by.

"I mean from my knowledge I already, was told like, somebody was going to stop by. Somebody was going to, but I never knew who. So I still had that in my headset somebody was coming by," Rhodes said.

But when Tayler Nicholson was asked if someone was supposed to come by she said no.

"I never said anybody was coming to get anybody but I did say somebody would be by," Nicholson said. 

Tayler Nicholson said she made the comment someone would stop by after she argued with the boyfriend who was upset she was out of town.

Amari Nicholson

Amari Nicholson

“I said somebody would be pulling up and I’ll let you know when, but I never said for what or anything. I was a misunderstanding we had our little disagreement. And I’m poking the bear and he’s poking the bear back, so I let out the comment and coincidentally it matches the situation that we’re in,” Tayler Nicholson said.

An aunt from Amari’s father’s side is offering a $30,000 reward for his safe return or information leading to his safe return. 

The sisters of Amari's biological dad, Yolanda Everett and D’Errica Perryman, spoke to FOX5 over Zoom from the Bay Area. 

The family of Amari Nicholson is demanding answers following his disappearance.

“We’ve given police our doorbell cameras, they’ve searched our homes. Because the mother said that one of our family members took the son the police told us they can’t do an Amber Alert. So we’ve been working with the police to try and show them that Amari is not with us. We haven’t had contact with Amari in a very long time which is why we’re so worried," Everett said.

Everett said they don't know when the last time someone actually saw Amari was or what clothes he was wearing when he went missing. 

“At this point we don’t have anything but the public to try and help us find Amari. And if they’re not going to do an Amber Alert- this is all we have,” Everett and Perryman said. 

Everett made an emotional plea for help.

“We are offering $30,000 to anyone that can bring Amari home. He is a baby. He’s two years old. He can’t communicate – he doesn’t have anyone to make sure he’s safe. Please if anyone has heard anything or seen him please call the police department. Please, anything will help us at this point. We are desperate. We have nothing to go by- we don’t even know what he was wearing when he went missing," Everett said. 

Anyone can call the Missing Persons Detail at 702-828-2907 or 702-828-3111. 

Family had originally said the boy was 3, but his birthday is in the fall.

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100% the "boyfriend" knows what he did with that beautiful, vulnerable child. This is an epidemic in America- parents should NEVER leave a child with a non biological parent. Children are being abused in thousands of homes right now- Im sick of these tragedies and no one is calling for action and school is closed-so kids are being neglected in the dark with no one to see and report. Its sickening.


The odds are not good for the child to be found alive. This was not a random kidnapping. People are lying.


If Qwerty were here she would tell you this is the result of systemic racism.


Humans have free will, someone is responsible for their individual actions.


Whatever that's supposed to mean in the context of my post..haha


In context of your post that means that individual humans are responsible for their actions. Systematic racism is not a the cause of crime.


hahaha Dude. Seriously. Lay off the weed.


I am praying that nothing sinister has happened and that the boy is found safely. However, this whole story does not pass the smell test. What kind of mother leaves her son with her boyfriend to go to another state? Why would she not bring her son along? No decent mother would leave her child like that. I'm sorry. But something is not right with this story.


I think the angry boyfriend did the poor kid in.

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