Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo announced the release of a preliminary report Friday on the 1 October investigation.

Lombardo addressed the media in the first update from authorities on the mass shooting investigation in the new year.

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A total of 58 victims were killed in the mass shooting on Oct. 1, 2017 when Stephen Paddock opened fire from a Mandalay Bay hotel room onto concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Investigators found Paddock with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

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In new information released Friday, Lombardo confirmed a total of 851 people were directly injured in the mass shooting and unveiled another unidentified person is under investigation related to this case.

Lombardo says they do not anticipate any charges against Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley. Confusion has surrounded whether or not Danley was present at the Mandalay Bay October 1st. The report confirms Danley was out of the country from September 14th to October 3rd. The report goes on to say Paddock moved his car from self-park to valet just after noon on October 1st, and he made that transaction under Danley's name.

In her interview with investigators, Danley says Paddock had acted distant in the past year and that they were no longer intimate. She says when they stayed at Mandalay Bay in early September, Paddock acted odd. She said he moved from window to window in their room on the 60th floor, looking at different angles of the concert venue.

Lombardo also unveiled that investigators have been unable to locate the missing hard drive from Paddock's computer. In a search history on his other devices, it is revealed Paddock searched multiple open-space concert venues. He also searched SWAT tactics and explosive devices.

Investigators also found hundreds of images of child pornography on one of Paddock's laptops.

The Clark County sheriff said he was "going against normal protocol and releasing this preliminary report now " due to public interest.

The preliminary report released Friday includes names of sources investigators used, an overview of the incident, and the sequence of events starting from when Paddock checked into the Ogden hotel in Las Vegas weeks prior for the Life is Beautiful festival, and ending when he was found dead in his suite inside Mandalay Bay on Oct. 1, 2017.

A full comprehensive report on the investigation is not expected to be released until the end of the year, Lombardo said.

Here's the TIMELINE police released in a preliminary report Friday:

September 27 Paddock spent several hours gambling at Mandalay Bay, asked VIP host for the Vista Suite - insisted on getting particular suite, said he wanted it for better view Gambled overnight into 7:13 AM – ordered room service 2:56 PM Room was cleaned at 4:30 PM, Paddock stayed in the room 8:03 PM - Paddock in the valet area rolling two suitcases, had his vehicle moved 8:29 PM - went to the Odgen, two hours later drove to Mesquite 11:00 PM went to Mesquite Walmart bought razor blades, luggage, fake flowers a vase and Styrofoam ballSeptember 28 Cell phone pings in Mesquite until 2:20 PM 2:45 PM - made a $14k deposit at Wells Fargo and transferred $50K to a bank in the Philippines 3:23 PM - purchased a .308 bolt action rifle from gun store in Mesquite 5:30-6:00 PM - seen driving in Mesquite landfill/gun range 8:45- 9:45 PM - travels from Mesquite to Mandalay Bay, has two rolling suitcases and laptop 10:18 PM - began gambling gambled overnightSeptember 29 5:43 AM - stopped gambling 12:30 PM-1:14 PM - ate sushi then went back to his room 32-135 2:00 PM - rooms 32-134 and 32-135 cleaned 3:00 PM - checked into room 32-134 under Danley’s name from the VIP check in counter at Mandalay (Timeline: he is already checked into 32-135 at this time he checks into 32-134 under Marilou Danley’s name) 3:08 PM - went to room 32-135 11:11 PM - orders room service charges to room 32-124 3:00 PM-1:00 AM - Now September 30, remained inside rooms 32-134 and 32-135September 30 1:00 AM - drives to Mesquite 5:56 AM - returns to Mandalay Bay with 4 suitcases 12:04-12:15 PM - hotel staff services mini bar of room 32-134, then he places do not disturb signs on the doors Between 1:00 PM- 2:00 PM asked if he wanted his rooms cleaned, he says no 2:52- 3:08 PM - Paddock removes his vehicle from valet and parks in self parking 3:12 PM - Paddock seen exiting parking garage with two suitcase rolling bags 3:20 PM - Paddock seen in elevator rolling suitcases to room 7:52 PM - Paddock drove from Mandalay Bay to MesquiteOctober 1 2:06 AM - Paddock leaves Mesquite 3:25 AM-7:35 AM - Paddock walks around casino and gambles 7:37 AM - Paddock goes back to room 12:22-12:26 PM - Paddock moves his vehicle from self park to valet; this transaction was the only one during his stay that was completed in Danley’s name 12:29 PM - Paddock in elevator with two rolling suitcases; there was also a third bag hanging 12:33 PM - room service ticket opened for room 32-124 (Danley’s name) 1:37 PM - check for room service in Danley’s name totaled $67 included two entrees 2:23 PM-7:40 PM - doors for rooms 32-134 and 32-135 ‘manipulated multiple times’ dead bolted, opened, closed 8:40 PM - Hot SOS alarm generated for room 32-129 9:18 PM- Hot SOS assigned to Erick Campos' cell phone 9:36 PM- dead bolt for room 32-135 engaged, four minutes later Jason Aldean went on stage 9:46 PM - dead bolt for room 21-134 engaged 9:46 PM- approx. 10:04 PM - Campos arrives on floor 30, walks up stairwell and to 32nd floor, could not gain entry because it was barricaded 10:00 PM - Campos begins walking toward room 32-129, he found it was secure, notices an L bracket screwed into door frame 10:04 PM - picks up phone and calls to report L shaped bracket, he is transferred to maintenance, he is then transferred to maintenance supervisor's phoneShooting 10:05 PM-10:16 PM - Shooting happens killing 58 people and injures more than 700 10:05 PM - Stephen Schuck, an engineer is contacted 10:05 PM - Paddock fires two gunshots into Las Vegas Village area, possible more 10:06 PM 10:06 PM - Campos ends phone call to report L shaped Bracket, heard rapid drilling noises 10:06 PM - Paddock fires 100 rounds into Las Vegas Village Area 10:06 PM - Engineer Schuck told to go to 32nd floor 10:06 PM - LVMPD report rapid shots fired at Route 91- reports automatic firearm 10:06 PM - Paddock fires rounds down hallway and strikes Campos. He hides in alcove between rooms 31-124 and 32-122 10:06 PM - Campos Reports shots fired 10:07 PM 10:07 PM - Paddock fires 95 rounds into Las Vegas Village Area 10:07 PM - LVMPD officers and two armed Mandalay Bay security officers left Security office 10:07 PM - Paddock fires 100 rounds 10:07 PM - Paddock fires 94 rounds 10:08 PM 10:08 PM - Paddock fires rounds at fuel tank (misses) 10:09 PM 10:09 PM - Paddock fires more rounds at fuel tanks, hits fuel tank. 10:09 PM - Paddock fires more rounds into Las Vegas Village area. 10:10 PM 10:10 PM - Engineer Schuck arrives on 32nd floor- hears jackhammer, realizes it is gunfire. Campos yells at Schuck to take cover 10:10 PM - Paddock fires rounds down toward Schuck 10:10 PM- Schuck tries to open room 32-117 with his master key 10:10 PM - Schuck calls over radio, "call police, someone is firing a rifle" 10:11 PM 10:11 PM - LVMPD officers and armed Mandalay Bay security arrive on 31st floor 10:11 PM - Paddock fires 80-100 rounds into the Las Vegas Village Area 10:11 PM - Paddock fires 95 rounds 10:12 10:12 PM - Two armed Mandalay Bay security officers arrive on 32nd floor 10:12 PM - Paddock fires 80-90 rounds into Las Vegas Village area 10:12 PM - Paddock fires unknown amount of rounds, LVMPD officers Clarkson and Cook struck 10:12 PM - Mandalay Bay security officers with Metro police on 31st floor, on radio they can hear rapid gunfire above us 10:13 PM 10:13 PM - Paddock fires unknown number of rounds into Las Vegas Village area 10:15 PM 10:15 PM - Paddock fires more rounds into Las Vegas Village area (two separate times unknown number of rounds) 10:18 PM 10:18 PM - Heat sensors in room detect no readings from inside room 32-135 10:56 PM 10:56 PM - Metro police Strike team arrives to 32nd floor 10:57 PM 10:57 PM - Breach barricaded L door 11:20 PM 11:20 PM - Strike team makes entry to room 32-135 – team reports Paddock down from self inflicted gunshot wound 11:26 PM 11:26 PM - Strike team makes second explosive entry into room 32-135; Metro officer accidentally fires a three round burst from rifle striking chair and entertainment cabinet and wall Lombardo said, "We will learn from this incident and do whatever we can to prevent something like this from happening again.".

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Watch the Full Press Conference below.

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