The latest on documents that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released from the investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.Mandalay Bay response

As FOX5 previously reported, Mandalay Bay dispatchers told police that they called an ambulance for security officer Jesus Campos prior to calling to 911.

The dispatchers also told police that they dispatched armed security along with Officer Cordell Hendrex and Officer Elif Varsin to the 32nd floor.

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According to the reports filed by Officer Hendrex and Officer Varsin, they say they were dispatched to the 31st floor. Not the 32nd floor.

Hendrex and Varsin were the first officers to respond within Mandalay Bay. At the time of the shooting, they were in the middle of handling a trespassing call involving a suspected prostitute inside Mandalay Bay.

The two officers wrote in their reports that they were under the impression that the shooter was located on the 31st floor. This contradicts Metro's latest official timeline, released back in January

"The officers made a tactical decision to respond to the 31st floor and take the stairwell to the 32nd floor," police wrote.

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Hendrex described being incredibly nervous while responding to the call. Varsin was on the second day of her training, but never left his side, Hendrex wrote.

"I distinctly remember saying a prayer in my head for all of us in the elevator and the ones still dealing with the shots coming at them," Hendrex wrote. "I could tell that it was coming from the floor above us on 32… I know I hesitated and remember being terrified with fear and I think that I froze right there in the middle of the hall for how long I can't say."

“I could feel my mouth was extremely dry and cotton mouth and I had no spit I also felt myself starting to get tunnel vision and I can remember concentrating on tactical breathing to calm myself," Hendrex continued. "I could hear over the radio that there were multiple other properties, the New York New York I remember in particular because my daughter is a Lifeguard there… I thought that Las Vegas was under a very coordinated attack.”

Officer Cordell Hendrex was the first officer at Mandalay Bay. He was with Officer Elif Varsin, on her second day of training.“I know I hesitated and remember being terrified with fear and I think that I froze right there in the middle of the hall for how long I can’t say.”— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 24, 2018
Officer Hendrex said Officer Varsin never left his side. As the first officer on scene, he knew it was his responsibility to be in the front of the stack and open doors. He would not let anyone go in front of him.He was very relieved when Sgt. Bitsko arrived and took command.— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 24, 2018
LVMPD has yet to release body camera footage from Officer Hendrex or Officer Varsin.

Hendrex wrote that he initially forgot to turn on his camera.

"I knew that the suspect or suspects were just feet from where we were all walking," Hendrex wrote. "Once we were all back on the 31st floor I heard Officer Varsin's camera beep, indicating that it was recording, and I realized that I had forgotten to turn mine on. I then reached down and turned my BWC on."

Varsin's report was significantly shorter than the report filed by Hendrex. She wrote that the team "POSTED UP" in the stairwell between the 31st and 32nd floor to "CONTAIN THE AREA AND WAIT UNTIL SWAT ARRIVED."

Report from Officer E. Varsin. 10/1 was her second day of training.She and Officer C. Hendrex were the first two officers inside Mandalay Bay. She says they were told to respond to the 31st floor.At a certain point they posted up in the stairwell until SWAT arrived.— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 24, 2018
The department plans to release its next back of public records on Wednesday, which may include the body camera footage from Varsin and Hendrex.Reports of multiple shooters

Officers say in newly released documents that they initially thought the Las Vegas Strip was under large-scale attack as reports came in of shooters at resorts all over the street.

One patrol officer who headed to a music festival site where 58 people died last October expressed concerns that "this event may encompass multiple attackers and or secondary terrorist attacks."

The details came in more than 2,000 pages of redacted documents released by police Wednesday.

The officer said it wasn't known at that time if the "attack was expanding or not due to multiple reports coming in of explosive devices and secondary shooters."

Another officer was working overtime duty at the concert wrote that police "were operating under the belief that we were under a Mumbai-style terror attack and could be set upon by active shooters at any moment."

The reports of shooters at other casinos turned out to be unfounded. Strike teams swept the casinos and found no evidence of shots fired. Officers believed the false reports may have been citizens reporting plain clothes officers, diversions, or people reporting injured persons who had already ran away from the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

In addition to Mandalay Bay, Officer R. Chase responded to Paris, Bellagio, and New York New York to investigate.“At this time we began to realize the new calls of shooters were either diversions to get police spread out or it was citizens calling in plain clothed officers.”— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 24, 2018
After hearing reports of a man shot in the head at Tropicana, this officer found the victim and found out he was shot at the concert... was trying to get back to his room at Tropicana. #1October #LasVegasShooting— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 23, 2018
Multiple witnesses told police they thought there were shooters inside the venue based on the sounds of the gunshots and the perceived trajectory of the bullets. Strike teams asked the frantic victims to describe the shooter(s), if they were able to obtain a visual. Officers said they were not able to get a description of the shooter. They also described not being able to find any shell casings on the ground.
Officer T. Peterson was part of one of the first strike teams to enter the venue.Says victims were running up to him, trying to join the strike team.Nobody knew what the shooter looked like. Officer didn’t know where shots were coming from.— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 23, 2018

A Mandalay Bay employee who carried the Las Vegas shooter's luggage to his room before the attack told police he acted like a "regular customer."

The employee said Stephen Paddock was quiet, polite and gave a tip. Witness names were blacked out.

The worker told a detective in an interview that Paddock's demeanor was "nothing out of the ordinary" and his luggage didn't stand out, either.

The employee said that "throws me off. It was normal."

Authorities say Paddock amassed nearly two dozen assault-style rifles, then broke windows in his 32nd-floor suite and fired into an outdoor concert below. He killed 58 people and injured hundreds before killing himself.

BELLHOP INTERVIEW: This one was significantly more redacted than the rest. The employee said the luggage was normal, not heavy, not light. It is not uncommon for guests to use service elevators, so long as they have an escort.Paddock tipped him and he went on his way.— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 23, 2018
Jason Aldean

An officer in newly released documents described escorting a musician, his pregnant wife and their bodyguard from a Las Vegas concert venue where a gunman killed 58 people to a private terminal at the airport nearby.

Names were blacked out in 2,109 pages of documents released by Las Vegas police Wednesday. But Route 91 Harvest Festival headliner Jason Aldean and his then-pregnant wife, Brittany Kerr Aldean, have described the experience in other interviews.

The country singer described hearing "pops," then a barrage, and the officer said he "told us that he could see people in the audience dropping to the ground `in waves."'

The singer told the officer that someone backstage yelled that the sound was gunfire and that he should take cover.Hairstylist

A hairstylist says a client named Paddock spoke in the months before the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history that a concert venue was susceptible to attack.

Documents released by Las Vegas police Wednesday say the stylist told investigators after the Oct. 1 shooting that the comments from the client in late June or July were strange and reported them to police. The claims couldn't be verified because police blacked out all witness names.

Authorities say Stephen Paddock unleashed gunfire from his high-rise hotel suite onto an outdoor concert below, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more.

In an interview with police on Oct. 10, the stylist says the client mentioned he couldn't believe an outdoor arena was built because a shooter could fire into the crowd from the casino across the way.

The stylist said a woman arrived and believed it was Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley.

The stylist said, "I asked her, `Do you know what he's been saying to me? She's like, `Oh, what, about somebody shooting into a crowd and, you know, wanting to hurt a lot of people?"'

The stylist told police that the client said, "I wonder what she's worried about? She'll be out of the country."

The stylist says they reported it to police days later.Continuing coverage

About 1,234 pages of documents released a week ago included accounts by two people who said a person they believed to be the gunman ranted in the days before the attack about the U.S. government and gun control.

Video released May 2 from two officers' body-worn cameras showed police blasting through the door of a high-rise hotel suite where authorities say Stephen Paddock opened fire from the windows and then killed himself.

On Tuesday, LVMPD promised to release dispatch logs and additional officer reports about the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

The release of documents Wednesday followed a

court order in a public records lawsuit by The Associated Press and other media organizations seeking information about the Oct. 1 shooting.

The key unanswered question remains a motive for the gunman's rampage that killed 58 people and injured hundreds more.

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Police and the FBI have said they don't have a motive for the attack, and that the investigation is ongoing.

Some 1,200 pages of reports released a week ago included accounts by two people who said a person they believed to be the gunman ranted in days before the attack about the federal government and gun control.

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