Las Vegas police release 16 more videos showing response to Strip mass shooting

An officer is scene in a body camera video still (FOX5).

Las Vegas Metro police released a new batch of videos from the night of the Route 91 Festival mass shooting Wednesday afternoon.

The department released 16 videos of body camera footage, totaling about eight hours. In one of the videos, a group of officers armed with tactical gear are standing in a hallway of rooms at the Mandalay Bay resort. They are pointing their weapons at a room door that appears to be Stephen Paddock's suite as they discuss their strategy to get closer to the room.

One officer warns the others of possible "booby traps," as he specifically points out a room service cart that's sitting right by the room door.

In the other videos, officers are seen directing emergency vehicles and bystanders near the Tropicana Las Vegas. One officer assists a woman sitting in a taxi who said she was shot in the leg. He helped her walk over to a medic to receive treatment.

A group of officers attempted to get closer to the festival grounds as shots were being fired. They took cover behind vehicles, a large garbage container and other objects to avoid being shot.

Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of concert-goers Oct. 1, 2017 killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more. On Aug. 3, Metro police released the final report, which failed to pinpoint a motive for the shooting.

This marks the 14th batch of 1 October-related records released by Las Vegas police. The next batch of records is expected to be released Wednesday, Aug. 15.


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