Officers denied service at the lodge

LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- Two on-duty Las Vegas police officers were refused service at a local bar and restaurant Feb. 13.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, two officers who were taking a lunch break at the Lodge Bar and Restaurant were refused service by a staff member. 

" While we consider this behavior unacceptable, we firmly believe that the refusal was an employee acting solely on his own, and it does not represent the viewpoint of the establishment", said LVMPD.

Management at the Lodge told the department it welcomes law enforcement at its business.

The staff member who denied service to the officers has been suspended from work.

LVMPD said they work hard to establish relationships with business in the community and the presence of officers is welcomed by business owners.

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(10) comments


Should have been fired, I too will never enter A Lodge again.


How is this employee not fired ? Would love to know their name so that I could sit in their section and Never tip a dime.

just sayin'

There is something going on here, that is not being said. Was the restaurant full at the time? Has this employee been arrested by one of the officers? Did the officers leave or did another employee step up to serve them? Just food for thought......


I'm not one of those people who arbitrarily kisses the ground that every cop walks on just because they are a cop, but it sure seems silly from a business standpoint to disenfranchise a large group of people just because you disagree with the uniform they wear. Only suspended? Management needs a lesson in public relations.


I will put the word out to never to eat at The Lodge, We support our law enforcement.


The employee should have been fired!


black people


Please be PC. It's Saggy A$$.

Medium Mack

Probably a nice word ,to say there backside is gone ,& I’m betting that employee will encounter the strong 💪 of the law again?


Why is the staff member only suspended? There is something inherently wrong with management to allow this.

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