HENDERSON, Nevada (FOX5) - Henderson police arrested a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer for luring a child and and lewdness with a child.

Matthew Terry

Henderson police arrested Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer Matthew Terry for luring a child and and lewdness with a child.

Matthew James Terry, 27, was arrested Tuesday for three counts of lewdness by an adult with a child over 14, two counts of attempted lewdness by an adult with a child under 14, luring a child or mentally ill person with harmful computer material and six counts of child abuse or neglect, according to the Henderson Police Department.

Terry was contacted and arrested "without incident," and a search warrant was served at his home, police said.

LVMPD said Officer Terry has been with the department since Feb. 2014, assigned to the Community Policing Division's Northeast Area Command. "Terry has been relieved of duty with pay until the court accepts the charges. Once that occurs, his status will be changed to relieved of duty without pay."

According to his arrest report, in Aug. 2017, a relative reported “strange behavior in Terry’s relationship with younger boys.” The relative said he was involved with young children as a youth football coach.

On Apr. 2, 2019, a youth coach told police that Terry acted strangely with male players, tackling them and tickling them in a way that “led people to believe that Terry is doing this in a sexual manner,” the report said.

On Apr. 11, that coach said he had started his own youth league and didn’t allow Terry to become a coach after he asked, according to police.

On Apr. 19, detectives interviewed two boys about Terry. When police asked about the football team, one boy said “I don’t like Matt” without any prompting. The child said Matt Terry was abusive and controlling. He told police that Terry would “push him, scream in his face or spit on him” when things weren’t done “his way,” the report said.

The same boy said he was at Terry’s Henderson home playing Xbox when Terry stopped playing and asked the boy if he wanted to go to Terry’s room. The boy declined and said he was going to call his grandma to pick him up, the report said. Terry got mad, slapped the phone out of the boy’s hand, slammed him on the couch and screamed at him, “stating ‘I’ll kill you.’”

The other boy said Terry had asked the boys to sleep in his bed. When the boys declined, Terry would ask “why not?” or say “(someone’s name) does it.” Both boys reported that Terry also walked in on them in the shower multiple times, according to the report. They said Terry would pull back the curtain, stand there for an estimated 10 seconds and sometimes comment on their privates.

Terry reportedly also asked the boys to shower with him, according to police. Terry also told one of the boys that there was another boy he hung out with before who was their age and that they’d get naked and “would mess around or do stuff,” according to his arrest report. He would also reportedly try to wrestle with the boys or play “truth or dare,” and would reportedly show them sexual dares on his computer and asked the boys to play with him.

Once, Terry also reportedly started rubbing one of the boy’s leg, up to his upper thigh close to his stomach and genitals. It led to an argument between the boy and Terry and Terry stopped talking to him. Terry later asked the boy if he wanted to sleep in Terry’s bed, the report said.

Terry also reportedly asked a boy to skinny dip in a pool. Terry began taking his clothes off and asked the boy to join. The boy declined, Terry got upset and eventually took the boy home, according to police.

On May 7, Terry was arrested during a traffic stop on Olivia Parkway near Galleria Drive in Henderson. Terry willingly provided his cell phone and passcode for evidence.

Terry told police the two boys would often stay at his house four to five nights a week during the summer. He said he’d often hang out with the boys, play Xbox, watch movies, get Taco Bell. He claimed the boys sometimes fell asleep in his room after playing Xbox late, though police noted the Xbox was not located in his room.

Terry denied asking the boys to sleep in his room, but just said it sometimes happened, the report said. He said he seeing the boys in the shower or undressing sometimes happened too. He denied ever physically disciplining the boys and told police he was a heterosexual virgin.

He acknowledged knowing about the "truth or dare" game police told him about, but said he didn’t show explicit material to the boys, his arrest report noted. He said they probably used his laptop to search for pornography.

Henderson Police said they were informed about the case on May 2. HPD said it is an active and open investigation. His bail was set at $120,000 on Wednesday. His next court date was set for May 13.

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There are more cops like him. Hang him by his private place


What I want to know is what parent lets a kid sleep at an adults house - ???? All sorts of red flags and the parents seem to be complicit

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