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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Las Vegas police arrested a man accused of throwing a man from a second-story balcony, and punching and kicking him in the head.

Jeffrey Vanhorne, 44, was charged with attempted murder, battery causing substantial harm and conspiracy to commit battery. 

According to Vanhorne's arrest report, a man named Robert had met a woman he knew only as "Jessica" on an online dating site in February. Just a few weeks after they'd started dating, Robert said he borrowed $1,850 from her to visit someone in hospice in New York. 

Robert said he left for New York on March 3 and returned March 13. On March 13, he told "Jessica," who police later identified as Ali, that he would come to her apartment to pick her up, then go to the ATM to pay her back. According to the report, Robert told police he called Ali and told her he was parked at her apartment. He said she told him to come up to her second floor apartment. 

He said when she opened the door, a large man, later identified as Vanhorne, standing behind it, "came around and started to punch Robert in the face." Robert said he was able to hold on to the metal railing outside the door while Vanhorne tried to stab him with a sharp metal object, according to the report.

Robert said he heard Vanhorne say "Where is my money?" 

Robert said he replied, "This is why I am here, to pay her back," as he was laying on the second story landing. Then, he said Vanhorne picked him up and threw him over the second story railing onto the ground below. Police later measured the fall at 12 feet.

Robert said he was knocked unconscious and when he woke up, he was being kicked in the head by Vanhorne as Ali stood by watching, the report stated.

He said he got up and ran to a maintenance man sitting in a golf cart. Police arrived and Robert later went to Mountain View Hospital to treat his injuries that included a dislocated shoulder, a fractured shoulder requiring surgery, a concussion, swelling to his head and cuts above his eye and to his abdomen.

Five days after the attack, Ali left a voicemail with Robert saying "In need to know if you plan to pay me. I don't want anything else bad to happen, but I gave you that money and I need it, okay? Please, just call me back and be civil." 

Police contacted Ali who refused to fill out a voluntary statement and told police "I am not trying to screw the person that had my back in there." 

Investigators found that Jeffrey Vanhorne lived at the same address as Ali. Police said they used a photo of him in a photo-lineup, and Robert picked him out of the lineup as his attacker.

The maintenance man, who witnessed the attack, also identified Vanhorne in a photo lineup. 

A warrant was issued for Vanhorne and he was arrested on May 4.

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