LVMPD (File)

LVMPD (File)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas police held a brief press conference on Tuesday to address violence that took place on the Strip and in downtown over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

On Friday alone, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said they arrested 28 people. They said there were multiple fights they responded to through the weekend along the resort corridor. 

Details of the fights were not provided.

A video showing a brawl inside the Encore casino went viral over the weekend. Wynn Las Vegas said the "otherwise calm holiday weekend was marred by a disruption created by non-hotel guests:" 

In order to ensure Wynn Las Vegas and Encore maintain the guest experience standards for which we are known, we are increasing our investment in our security procedures and team. We have increased the presence of security throughout the resort and added more uniformed Metro police officers. Security officers and others currently prevent groups of unrelated guests from gathering to ensure appropriate physical distancing; with their increased presence, Wynn security will allow no exceptions.

As an added precaution, all hotel room keys will be scanned at elevator entrances to ensure only current registered guests are admitted to the hotel towers. Furthermore, as guest demand for our luxury resort experience grows, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore have now returned to the standard, higher hotel rates we offered pre-pandemic.

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inner city crowd is the tourists now visiting Las Vegas. We where on the strip Las night cops are in full armor its like Vegas is truing into a third world ghetto. All to try to get Biden elected and end freedom in America forever.


Sisolak has RUINED Nevada. Hes bringing Oakland...the most crime ridden gang filled shthole in Cali to Nevada. Hes a race baiting cuck that pretends that Blacks are "oppressed" Hes FOS. A corrupt liar that stole 4 million dollars from victims of that fake af shooting on the strip. Sisolak is a murderer.


Think about how Las Vegas promotes itself. As a playground for the young and irresponsible with more money than brains. Of course this happens. In the 90s Las Vegas tried to advertise itself more widely as both an adult playground and as a family destination. Themes resorts, amusement parks, and family friendly attractions popped up all over. You still had all the entertainment options you have today on the strip, but you had reductions in crime rates. Yet again Las Vegas has had a higher than average violent crime rate since the legalization of gambling in 1933, we might never be one of the most peaceful cities in America.


BLM SCUM come to Las Vegas for a "protest" and suddenly there are ghetto trash fighting in upscale luxury hotels. STEVE SISOLAK has turned Vegas into a GHETTO SHTHOLE. Sisolak is a cancer spreading Obamas racist agenda turning a great vacation destination into a dangerous target for BLM thugs to ruin like they ruin everywhere they go to spread misery and cause mayhem. The worst people in our society, let out of prisons by DEMOCRATS to victimize citizens. Democrats are destroying America.

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