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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Wednesday released its first-ever internal affairs accountability report.

The report includes two years of complaints, misconduct, findings and discipline from 2018 and 2019. 

"This is the most detailed and comprehensive report of its kind that the LVMPD has ever released. It is part of the department’s ongoing commitment to fostering transparency, accountability, and reform within all aspects of the agency, including alleged employee misconduct," the agency said in a statement. 

The report shows disciplinary action is rarely taken as a result of these reports. In 2018, the department logged 2,421 complaints, and 2,096 in 2019. Most of the complaints -- more than 1,000 each year -- were citizen contacts, or "an allegation that does not rise to the level of a policy violation. Used internally to document contact with citizens that are customer-service disputes."

Of the complaints, 34% of them were formally investigated in 2019.

The report shows in the cumulation of both years, officers were given written reprimands 239 times, a suspension 124 times, 15 terminations, 22 resignations or retires instead of termination and three disciplinary transfers. No officers were demoted as a result of a complaint in either year.

As of the date of the report, 2,384 officers, or 73%, wear body-worn cameras. Officers activated them about 90% of the time through 2019.

The highest number of sustained reports was seen in body-worn camera violations with 95 occurrences and 82% of them sustained. Details of those specific violations were not immediately available. 

The report shows 21 employees arrested in 2019, including charges of DUI, assault, traffic offense, obstructing arrest and two arrests for lewdness or obscenity. 


IAB Annual Accountability Report 2018-2019 by FOX5 Vegas on Scribd

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