LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The public is being asked to help refugees from Afghanistan after many escaped a life-or-death situation courtesy of Taliban.

Afghan Refugees

Afghan refugees line up for food in a dining hall at Fort Bliss' Doña Ana Village, in New Mexico, where they are being housed, Friday, Sept. 10, 2021. The Biden administration provided the first public look inside the U.S. military base where Afghans airlifted out of Afghanistan are screened, amid questions about how the government is caring for the refugees and vetting them. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

A group of former military interpreters and veterans are hosting a donation drive. Friday and Saturday, the public can drop off basic necessities for Afghan refugees. Items being collected are: wash cloths, towels, underwear, pillows, toothpaste and soap.

Las Vegas nonprofit, Freedom Support Alliance was formed by “HK” who was born and raised in Afghanistan before he became an interpreter for U.S. Special Forces. 

“HK” helped resettle his parents, brother and sister in Las Vegas and helped get his wife and several others out of the country the day before the deadly attack on the Kabul airport. 

refugee donation drive.jpg

"All they were trying to do, a lot of them, they were just giving their last shot for a better future, a safer future, any future for their kids and their family,” HK said about the hundreds of Afghans killed in the attack. “I imagine me there sometimes you know."

Now his organization is trying to help thousands of Afghan refugees who did make it out.

A group of interpreters are ready to help process documents for refugees and help them integrate with things like English classes and job placement.

Some of the refugees are in Las Vegas, but most remain on military bases while housing and documents are sorted out. Donations that are collected  being sent to various bases.

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(4) comments


We have how many homeless people here and this 'non-profit' wants us to help with biden's influx of unvetted foreigners from a known declared terrorist region?

Hypocrisy in this admin is bountiful.

And we get to pay for it one way or another.


Machetes, soon to be Deal of the Day at Amazon.


Non profit = code for a unamerican garbage group of scumbags helping future criminals!


How many of these muslims have actually been vetted?

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