Las Vegas mother says her government housing hospitalized her family

For a year, Shaunell Gatewood and her daughter Kamoriee were dealing with mold, and inches of standing water in their apartment.

For a year, Shaunell Gatewood and her daughter Kamoriee were dealing with mold and inches of standing water in their apartment.

"The house got mold," three-year-old Kamoriee said of her old home.

Shaunell and Kamoriee were living at the Ernie Craigin Terrace Apartments near Bonanza Road and Eastern Avenue, which is government housing.

"I was giving Kamoriee a bath and she goes, 'Mommy look the water is brown,' so I pulled the plug and a giant tree branch comes out," Shaunell said.

Beyond the unsightly appearance, and smell, Shaunell said she and Kamoriee became ill. When Kamoriee would run outside, Shaunell said the fresh air would actually cause her to collapse. As for Shaunell, she said she began to forget things at work and was having trouble breathing.

"I had people over and they said 'it smells wet,' and we were hanging out then, all of a sudden, everyone was asleep. My child's father would come over to see his daughter and he would sleep," Shaunell said.

Shaunell had to take Kamoriee to the hospital, she said, on multiple occasions because she was having laboring breaths and was lethargic. Shaunell said it was the doctor who told her this is likely mold poisoning.

Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority handles government housing. The executive director said she was not aware of Shaunell's case, or of any problems at the complex. Shaunell said that's impossible because in the year she lived there, she made more than 15 maintenance requests, and also recorded managers and maintenance workers in her apartment multiple times.

Shaunell said after the home was impacting her work and the doctor's visits were becoming too frequent, she knew she had to move. The two of them have since been living with Shaunell's mom.

Despite SNRHA saying they aren't aware of Shaunell's case, Shaunell's lawyer provided an email where the authority offered Shaunell $5,000. But Shaunell said that's not enough. She said when she left her home because of the mold, she was forced to throw away all her furniture, most of her clothes, and all of Kamoriee's toys.

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