LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas was not on the announced list of cities that face immigration raids, but three Las Vegas residents said ICE agents detained their mother.

“They took took the sole provider of this family,” 16-year-old Kimberly Arellano Cruz said. “[My mom] is the hardest working woman I know.”

On July 11, ICE agents pulled Adriana Arellano Cruz over as she was headed to the bank and took her in to custody, according to her family.

“She was going to deposit her hard earned money,” the younger Arellano Cruz said.

Since Thursday’s incident, an appellate court has set aside the deportation order meaning Arellano Cruz will legally stay on U.S. soil for the time being. She remains in ICE custody as her case makes its way through the legal system.

Arellano Cruz entered the U.S. illegally in 1995, according to an ICE spokesperson. Her troubles started when she got a few traffic violations. Those turned into an outstanding warrant for her arrest, according to her immigration lawyer Hardeep “Dee” Sull.

Arellano Cruz ended up in ICE custody but bailed out. She did not know she had a final order of deportation until ICE agents pulled her over near her home, according to Sull.

“My mom is not a criminal,” Kimberly Arellano Cruz said. “She only tried to give us the best life she could.”

Arellano Cruz’s family said she earned a worker permit in 2013, and worked as a housekeeper at Caesars Palace.

When the permit recently expired, she became a Zumba instructor, according to the family.

The Trump administration announced plans to executed immigration raids in nine major U.S. cities including Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Statement from ICE:

Adriana Arellano-Cruz, an illegal alien from Mexico with a final order of removal, is currently in the custody of ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). Relevant DHS databases reveal she first entered the United States in 1995. She was then placed into removal proceedings in 2011 following an encounter with local law enforcement. That same year, an immigration judge ordered her removed in absentia.

Ms. Arellano-Cruz has appealed her removal order multiple times with the Board of Immigration Appeals; the board affirmed her final order of removal in 2017. Ms. Arellano-Cruz will remain in ERO custody pending the outcome of her immigration case.

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(5) comments


illelegal = criminal


Fact- she is an illegal alien Fact-until fairly recently the only way to be able to work as an illegal alien in the usa was to purchase stolen social security card an a state ID. Crimes punishable by jail not to mention the identity theft issue an problems it causes. they frequently give birth to a kid on usa soil on purpose for all the benefits etc. Jail in mexico (as its cheaper to pay mexico than for us to house them) an upon released on mexican soil an logged as a criminal not allowed in usa


Her daughter failed to mention that her mother's "hard earned money" was not going to be reported to the IRS.


"I can't be bothered with these pesky U.S. traffic laws and citations. Think I'll just let 'em all go to warrants. What's the worst that could happen?"


Obviously she was never too worried about following the laws. Most illegals know they are walking on eggshells, but she didn't care and ignored the laws and her responsibility to go to court for her unsafe driving.

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