Las Vegas celebrates historic 4-20 at dispensaries (and White Castle)

Marijuana is shown in this undated photo. (FOX5)

The City of Las Vegas came up with a proposal for pot lounges, which they named "social use lounges."

"I want to be clear, this is not written in stone," Bryan Scott, the city attorney said.

Wednesday, the city heard from marijuana advocates and business owners, who shared what they felt was missing from this proposal.

"I really think we need to look at social use. Because right now, you're saying no festivals right?," one woman asked.

As of right Wednesday, the proposal did not allow for festivals like EDC or Life is Beautiful. It also left questions about how marijuana would get to the establishment, whether people would bring their own or buy it at the business. Depending on that answer, people questioned whether bongs or pipes would be provided or brought.

"I think it should be like a hookah lounge," one woman said during the open comment portion.

Nevada Sen. Tick Segerblom said he thinks people should bring their own. "This is for tourism. People should be able to go get it from a dispensary and know it's quality," Segerblom said.

These consumption lounges also cannot be near schools, parks or churches, and they can't have an outdoor patio, which many people were not happy about.

"We are tired of them treating [cannabis] like it's plutonium. It's not. It's a healing plant," Cindy Brown a medical marijuana advocate said.

As the proposal was written, these social use lounges will be nothing more. The social use does not include to things like yoga, massages or festivals.

Attorney's for the city said these permits will be very similar to alcohol permits. The businesses can sell food and wine and beer, but the food cannot be infused.

This proposal is only for the City of Las Vegas, not Clark County as a whole. To share feedback with the city, email

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