LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- High school students are preparing for a very different start to the school year. 

The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association suspended all sports until January. 

"I’m actually sad because I love high school and I love playing sports it’s a big part of my life," said Anna Maria Ramos, 15. 

She plays volleyball with her sister Daisy, 16 at Basic High School and on a club team. 

"We’ve never had that big of a break from volleyball," said Anna Maria. 

Both sisters have big dreams of getting a scholarship and playing in college. 

"I think UCLA would be really fun just some California teams, but honestly I’m good with anything," said Anna Maria. 

Daisy said she's aiming for University of California, Berkeley or Utah. 

They said they missed half of the big club tournaments in the spring. That’s usually where college coaches scout out future prospects.

Daisy said she’s especially feeling the pressure of a college scholarship since she’s heading into her junior year. She said she’s grateful she can at least workout and practice with her sister at home.

"We usually do strength training together with weights and then we have a court in our backyard that we practice on together," said Daisy. 

Daisy said they’re hoping club volleyball starts back up in November. She said as long as gyms are allowed open they’ll be practicing.  Otherwise, they have to wait until march. That’s when the NIAA shifted fall sports to a condensed six weeks.

The girls said you can still get noticed by coaches by sending in videos of them playing at home but it's more difficult. 

"I’m going to just try to send in videos to as many colleges as possible maybe just trying to get some extra private lessons in ... It’s just hard because you’re missing out on school, you’re missing out on friends and now that sports are gone, mentally it’s going to be hard," said Daisy. 

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Like we are going to listen to a bunch of high schoolers who think they know everything about he virus. They want freedom but don't understand the deadliness of this vicious virus! Schools need to remain closed and parents need to be patient and responsible with the children. This whacky government wants to send your children into a burning building. If you listen to the advice of this President then you have agreed to risk the life of your children with this virus.

You don't like, bite me!

Maybe instead of worrying about a pay out in sports you can focus on your actual studies, go to college and earn a decent degree to help you in life. Find new hobbies, read the bible and quit complaining about everything.


Sounds like you may have been the last person picked playing dodgeball. Loser!

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