The Barnacle

The Barnacle (City of Las Vegas/YouTube)

The parking boot used for traffic violations is ... well, getting the boot in City of Las Vegas, and being replaced with The Barnacle.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Las Vegas is giving the parking enforcement boot, well ... the boot. The city spent nearly $5,000 upgrading to a device it said is safer, easier and smarter.

It’s called the Barnacle and it’s made up of two large suction cups using 750 pounds of force to lock onto a vehicle’s windshield.

The Barnacle is equipped with a GPS and tamper-proof system. Makers of the Barnacle claim the device is less damaging on a vehicle than a traditional boot. It’s also safer for parking enforcement officers who would normally have to kneel in traffic to apply the boot.

"Being able to use the barnacle, you can do it standing up, you can be on the traffic side, you can be on the curb side. Deploy as needed.” Said City of Las Vegas parking administrator Rhett Butler. “It's a lot faster for officers to [use it]."

Like the boot, drivers will only get the Barnacle if they have $200 or more in parking citations. If drivers try to take it off, an alarm will sound. And trying to pry the device off it could shatter the windshield. The Barnacle obstructs the driver’s view out the windshield. Trying to drive with the Barnacle attached is against the law.

“The GPS is active so once we see that Barnacle moving after deployment, we know that someone is hitting the road,” said Butler.

The Barnacle will alert parking enforcement officers if a vehicle moves with the Barnacle on it and drivers could be subject to more fines.

In order to remove the Barnacle, drivers will be prompted to call or go online using their phone. Once their fees are paid, the Barnacle will send the driver a code. Drivers will enter the code on the Barnacle and then it will release.

"Not an ideal situation when being immobilized [but] at least now you can pay for it a lot faster and not have to wait for an officer to come to your location and remove the boot,” said Butler.

Drivers will be charged a hold fee until the Barnacle is returned to a designated drop site. Right now the city only has one drop site in the parking garage near City Hall. The city has plans to expand the amount of drop sites.

The Barnacle won’t be in regular use until the city determines the amount for the hold fee but the discussion is on the table for the next meeting the first week in October. Parking enforcement is asking for a $75 hold fee.

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Man, this barnacle thing sucks!

I agree with the guy that said the police need to go around schools. Where my boys go to school, both the streets are lined with cars parked illegally in the lanes. The bike lane is completely blocked by cars. Drivers use the bus lanes, and are constantly told by school staff not to, but they do it anyway. Today, I saw four cars parked in the fire lane, and several cars parked in handicapped accessible parking, all the while about 50 other parking spaces were available.

Where my daughter goes to school, drivers block the bike lanes, park in turn lanes and handicapped accessible parking spots, drive through the crosswalk while kids are crossing, and make U turns over double solid yellow lines as traffic is approaching. They also speed in the school zone, and get mad at people who don't.

Where my oldest goes to school, the cops frequent that area and give tickets for speeding in the school zone, double parking, parking in red zones, and driving over a crosswalk while pedestrians are on it. I've actually seen drivers there park in the middle of the road, put on their hazards, and leave their car to go in the school. I've also seen drivers pass the school buses with the flashing reds and stop signs out.

Drivers just don't care. And there are so many drivers breaking so many rules, the police are just incapable of making much difference. Hopefully, this barnacle thing will help reduce driver suckage.

just sayin'

As I stated before, "When does, "NO PARKING", mean no parking. If they really wanted to raise revenue, they should be around school zones, twice a day. Lots of lazy parents parking in no parking zones, in RED lane zones, for extended periods. As I see it, must not be that important. I would also say, that the school zone no parking citation, should have a percentage given to the school, instead of raising my taxes. After all, the school district really needs the money, to help out our struggling teachers.


First off, this guy's name is RHETT BUTLER? For reals? ;) This new apparatus to squeeze extra $ from ''parking challenged drivers'' who fail to cough up their fines in a timely fashion is nothing more than a revenue generating scheme by a budget-challenged department, regardless of the technology utilized by the 'collection specialists'.


Pay your tickets or follow parking restrictions and rules, and you won't have to worry about it.

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