Las Vegas family files wrongful death, civil lawsuit against Metro police. (FOX5)

Las Vegas family files wrongful death, civil lawsuit against Metro police. (FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nearly two years after the incident, a Las Vegas valley mother is suing the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for what she called the wrongful death of her son.

In July 2017, Metro police chased burglary suspect Anthony Garrett into his home. That’s when police said the 16-year-old shot himself.

Anthony’s family doesn’t believe that.

“We know there was at least approximately a seven hour delay from the time of the shot to the time Anthony was transported to the hospital,” attorney E. Brent Bryson said.

It was the Clark County coroner’s office that ruled Anthony’s death a suicide. Now his family wants police and a jury to take another look at their case.

“There was a gunshot that was heard,” Bryson said.

After that single gunshot, that’s where the story starts to take different turns.

“I want answers,” Anthony’s mother Taccara Brooks said. “I want to know what happened to my son.”

It started as a reported burglary in July 2017. Police were looking for three teens, including Anthony Garrett.

“They asked me if they could come in my house,” Brooks recalled. “I had no problem with it, I let them in. The officers said they saw my son, they chased him upstairs. Then a gun shot went off. After that I was forced out of my house.”

Brooks said from there she doesn’t know what happened.

But in an interview with Metro police shortly after, officer Jay Rivera told FOX5 once Anthony saw police, he locked himself in a room.

“While they’re challenging the room they hear one shot,” Rivera said.

But Anthony’s family doesn’t believe that’s exactly what happened.

“We’re also hoping to shed some light on how the shot occurred,” Bryson said. “There were officers upstairs at the time who already searched the premises.”

Bryson said the family also questions why it took so long to get Anthony medical help.

“We know after he was incapacitated, Metro officers allowed the K-9 to bite and drag Anthony inside the house,” Bryson said. “He was handcuffed, while he was incapacitated, laying there bleeding.”

“It’s been tough,” Brooks said. “That’s my first son. It’s been tough knowing I had to sit outside for seven hours, knowing my son was fighting for his life.”

And when Anthony was finally taken to the hospital, Brooks said police wouldn’t let her inside.

In the nearly two years since, Brooks said she hasn’t heard from police. So now she is demanding answers.

“I’ll do whatever it takes for my son,” she said.

In a Friday press conference, the family said they are asking for $7 million and a jury trial.

Bryson said this case is still a long way from going to court. Next, police will have a chance to answer their complaint.

FOX5 reached out to Metro late Friday afternoon, but didn’t hear back immediately.

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