LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Live entertainment is making a slow comeback on the Las Vegas Strip Friday night.

Since Nevada Governor Sisolak eased capacity limits from 50 to 100 people, several shows announced their return.

Fantasy, which won Las Vegas' Best Production Show of 2020, returned at the Luxor Hotel and Casino Friday to sold out shows all weekend. 

FOX5 spoke with magician Murray Sawchuck who opened up for Fantasy before the show. 

“It’s an exciting night for us and also think it’s a rebirth of Las Vegas. It’s kind of like you know New Years was actually January 1st but I kind of feel like this is a New Year's celebration you know now we’re really kind of starting the year," Sawchuck said.

He said there are still entertainers that have chosen to wait to perform again.

“We have so many friends that are waiting to get back on stage, some are on stage again and some are waiting. And we are all in it together and we’re thinking about everyone that’s waiting to get back on stage because we want the best for everybody,” Sawchuck said.

FOX5 spoke with comedian and headliner Carrot Top who is also making a return to the stage at the Luxor.

The Las Vegas Strip as seen from the FOX5 Drone. (FOX5)

The Las Vegas Strip as seen from the FOX5 Drone. (FOX5)

He said it will be interesting to see the dynamic and how it sounds when there's only 100 people in the audience.

“A hundred people spread out into a 1,800 seat theatre it’s going to be weird. But it’s one of those things you know we got to start somewhere so it’s going to be hard but it might also be fun in a weird way,” Carrot Top said.

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Roaring back???? The entertainment and service industries are starving and dying because of our failed elected officials that are more worried about buying their fourth private jet on the tax payers dime, then they were about signing the LWA act, and in turn, skrewing Nevadans out of their 6th week of pay like other states received with Governors that actually acted in the interest in their people.

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