For more than 50 years, if a scientist wanted to conduct a clinical trial using cannabis and needed to obtain the drug, the University of Mississippi has been the only game in town. 

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Looking for a job in the cannabis industry? 

A Las Vegas-based company is helping job-seekers in the valley and across the country break into the pot business.

Since the app launched in mid-September, it has more than 3,500 students. The co-founders said cannabis jobs are tight in Las Vegas right now. But as the industry expands, there will be thousands of jobs created very soon.

“I’m helping people from Illinois, Michigan, Nevada,” app co-founder Jason Sturtsman sad.

Sturtsman teaches cannabis courses at CSN and local dispensaries. Now he is taking those lessons online.

“Just because you like smoking cannabis, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get a job,” he said.

Another myth, Sturtsman said employees cannot be high on the job.

He and Daniel Steneker have been developing the app for more than a year.

“A typical course can take us over a month to produce,” Steneker said.

They’ve made courses on everything from “cannabis cultivation education, cannabis dispensary education but we also have essential skills so we’re giving people management, leadership skills,” Sturtsman said.

“By the time I graduated, everything was online so it just makes sense that cannabis education would also be on an app,” Anthony Lee said.

Lee took Sturtsman’s courses in-person and now uses the app.

Once completed a course, a user needs to score at least an 80% on a quiz to get a certificate.

“There’s a long queue of people waiting to work in this dispensary, any dispensary,” Steneker said. “So what we try to do is make you top of the queue.”

Sturtsman and Steneker said right now in Las Vegas, there are too many job seekers and not enough openings.

“It is extremely competitive,” Sturtsman said. “You have to do everything necessary, including get educated, networking, and not just getting one certificate. You have to get multiple certifications to really stand out.”

That’s why the app also includes the Cannabis Employment Network.

“We’re doing interviews, making sure they have their cards, we are checking their resumes and giving them suggestions,” Sturtsman said.

The app also includes live chat rooms to go over anything with an expert. Sturtsman added this new network will help both applicants and businesses find the best fit.

“Cultivations, productions, dispensaries really need some help weeding through all of these individuals who are not necessarily qualified,” he said. “There’s an incredible amount of opportunity if you can get yourself in, get that foot in.”

Sturtsman said right now there are about 8,000 cannabis-related jobs in Las Vegas. That comes with a 30% turnover rate.

The app is free. Its developers expect to have 100,000 students using it by the end of the year.

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