Las Vegas city council repeals pet sales ban

The Animal Foundation is offering a 'hot deals, cool dogs' promotion until July 8, 2018. (File)

In a 4-3 vote, the Las Vegas city council repealed an ordinance that would have banned pet shops in the city from selling animals that did not come from a shelter or a non-profit rescue organization.

The ban would have affected stores including Puppy Boutique near Rancho and Lone Mountain.

"We are happy with the decision today. I think the city council made a good decision," Pet Boutique manager Kathleen Vinluan said.

Vinluan said the owner had plans to close the store and move because of a city wide ordinance that would have banned pet shops from selling dogs, cats, and potbellied pigs unless they came from a shelter or non-profit organization.

"If they were to keep the ordinance we would have had to shut down and move," Vinluan said.

After a contentious, hours-long meeting, the Las Vegas City Council voted to repeal the 2016 ordinance. It would have gone into affect Jan. 2018.

"It's disappointing," Nevada State Director for the Humane Society of the United States Jeff Dixon said.

Dixon said the ban was supposed to prevent local shops from getting their pets from shady places like puppy mills.

"This was going to be one place where the puppy mill supply chain couldn't enter into the market," Dixon said. "The practice of having puppy mill conditions is ubiquitous in this industry. The only way to go at it is to say 'no.'"

Pet stores like Puppy Boutique claim to vet their breeders. A representative with the shop also said that it is the consumer's right to choose where a person purchases a pet.

By contrast, animal advocates said they do not see it that way.

"There are dogs and cats being euthanized at the animal foundation, Dixon said. "They need a loving home. They have a beating heart and a lot of love to give."

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