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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- At Sahara Wellness, a marijuana dispensary on Sahara Avenue, they've been celebrating recreational pot since day one.

"It's hard when people purchase, and they are new to it," Sahara Wellness owner Brenda Gunsallus said.

As a dispensary owner, she said she wants to teach people who are new to cannabis how to properly consume.

She plans to do that with her own pot lounge, and purchased the building right next door to her dispensary to make it happen.

"We are headed to an area we hope to turn into a dispensary lounge. Right next door," Gunsallus said.

The goal is for people to purchase product at Sahara Wellness and then go next door to the pot lounge. It's 2,000 square feet, and just sitting empty until an ordinance is passed.

"We need consumption lounges. There is just nowhere for people to consume," Gunsallus said. "People need to be able to medicate and make sure they are consuming correctly."

Sahara Wellness isn't alone in that they have huge amounts of space just waiting for pot lounges to become legal -- multiple other businesses are in the same limbo.

"We're just waiting for the city," Gunsallus said.

Jason Sturtsman is a cannabis consultant and helps dispensaries like Sahara Wellness. Sturtsman keeps them up to date on what's happening and also advocates on their behalf.

He said it's time for pot lounges, but they need to be done right.

"It's been over a year since they proposed doing social-use venues," he said.

He said there have been issues with casinos, and how to comply with employees in pot lounges, as well as odor ordinances, to name a few.

Still, with all the obstacles he said if he had to guess, he thinks 2019 will be the year.

"I hope we are close," he said.

Sturtsman said there are two important meetings next month which may push pot lounges over the edge.

The first is Feb. 12, with the Green Ribbon panel. The second is Feb. 19, with the city. 

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