Wedding venue shuts down without notice

The only thing posted was a sign that read: "Notice of Seizure: Failure to Pay Taxes. The business will be sold at auction in June."

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) A Las Vegas bride got stood up, not by her husband-to-be, but by the wedding venue.

Stacia Paul has the love of her life, she has the bridesmaids. What she doesn’t have is a place to say ‘I do.’

The Ritz Banquet Hall shut down with no warning. The owner was supposed to call Paul to get everything ready for her Oct. 20 wedding. But she never got that call. That’s when she got suspicious.

“I don't think anybody has any idea that this place is even closed,” Paul said.

She didn’t know herself until this week.

“We did all the paperwork, we did everything,” Paul said. “She said, ‘We're not going to contact you until 60 days before your wedding.’”

But when Paul didn’t hear from the banquet hall owner, Gloria and David Pulido, she started doing some investigating of her own.

“The phone number, the email address weren't valid anymore, so I drove down there and they were gone, closed,” she said.

The only thing posted was a sign that read: "Notice of Seizure: Failure to Pay Taxes. The business will be sold at auction in June."

That was three months ago. Since that happened, Paul never heard a thing.

“Have morals, let these people know you can no longer do their wedding or you're closing,” Paul said. “I get it, every business has problems. But a lot of people were affected for sure.”

There was no answer at the owner’s home, the banquet hall or over the phone Friday.

“They seemed like genuine nice people,” Paul said. “I didn't feel any sketchy vibes from them at all.”

Paul and her fiancé put down a $1,500 deposit.

“That’s a lot,” she said. “That's somebody's wedding dress, that's a photographer, that's my deposit. That's a lot of money!”

Paul said she doesn’t expect to get the money back. She can’t even get a phone call. But a month away from her big day, she wanted to warn other brides who may face the same problem.

“Especially when you're preparing for the best day of your life and that gets dropped in your lap, that's awful,” she said.

An employee at a business next door to the banquet hall confirmed it has been abandoned for months, and they’ve since found homeless people living inside.

As for Paul, she has already made different plans for her big day.

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