Bride scrambles to find dress after shop closes

A Las Vegas bride said she was jilted by her wedding dress shop.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - A Las Vegas bride said she was jilted by her wedding dress shop.

She said the store closed its doors abruptly. That left her scrambling to find the perfect dress, just a month before her big day.

At least two brides had similar stories. They bought their perfect dress at Fit for a Bride, then said they suddenly stopped hearing from the store’s owner.

Ashley Gesler found her man, the date (June 1) and her dream venue. All she was missing was the perfect dress.

“It’s in all of your pictures, it’s something you keep forever,” she said.

Back in November, she thought she found it at Fit for a Bride.

“Something about this dress, the beading was incredible,” she said. “It looked like a princess dress and I didn’t think I could find something like that somewhere else.”

Gesler paid for the dress and then she waited until January when she suddenly had a hard time reaching the store’s owner.

“I tried calling her, she emailed me,” Gesler said. “I started getting nervous, so my mom started emailing her. It was just excuse after excuse.”

Gesler said the replies were short.

“She kept saying she’d let us know, she’d let us know,” Gesler said.

Then she got an email that Fit for a Bride was closing.

“And they were going to ship everyone their dress, so they needed everybody’s address,” she said.

Gesler said her $2,500 gown got shipped in a box. What she pulled out wasn’t what she expected.

“Everything about it; it looked really cheaply made for the price we paid,” she said.

She thought she was getting a custom, hand-beaded dress from Europe.

“This one has a tag inside that says ‘Made in China,’” Gesler said. “The dress that we originally ordered was hand-beaded. It had boning. The one we got had none of that. The beading is just attached to some generic overlay. And the whole dress looks like a Halloween costume.”

Gesler said it wasn’t the right size, color nor fit.

“The other one was fitted,” she said. “It drops at the waist. And this one fits like a potato sack.”

She tried to contact the store owner again, but got no reply. She never got a refund.

“In this industry, I just don’t think you can close shop,” Gesler said. “She should’ve tied up her loose ends and finished fitting all of us.”

Gesler had to scramble to say ‘Yes’ to a new dress.

“I had everything; this was like the last piece of the wedding,” she said.

Gesler said she has found a new dress.

The store’s owner, Debi Rangel said she knows about the complaints. She said she had a family emergency and had to close her store in April.

Since then, she has been in and out of town. But she believes she has done the best she could to make sure brides got what they paid for. Rangel said she sent every bride the correct dress, and added that dresses are never sold with the bustle built in. That’s something that has to be added during alterations.

Rangel said she’s been in the business for more than 35 years and didn’t expect to close so suddenly.

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