Las Vegas-based organization helps homeless, those in need care for their pets

(Street Dogz)

A Las Vegas group is helping those less fortunate take care of their pets. Street Dogz focuses on helping dogs and cats, but volunteers also help their human owners find jobs and housing.

Vince Brown has been between homes for several years now.

“Just having my dogs makes me happy and comfortable,” Brown said. “You know those are my best friends in the world.”

He’s never been without his two dogs.

“They’re going to be with me until their old days,” he said.

At one point, Brown said he didn’t have enough money to care for his dogs, but he didn’t want to give them up.

“I don't know what I would do,” Brown said. “It makes me emotional thinking about it -- that I would have to send my dogs to be put down when they're healthy and capable of love.”

He found Street Dogz, a group that helps the homeless and people in need take care of their pets.

“We have people who are doing the best they can to feed themselves, much less their animal,” Penny Blount with Street Dogz said. “And unfortunately, they're having to give their animal up just so they can survive.”

Once Street Dogz gets a call, their volunteers do everything they can.

“You love your animal like it’s part of your family,” she said. “That's your family. And to split that up is just unthinkable to us.”

From delivering food to their door to transporting and paying for a vet visit, the group does whatever it can.

“If your dog is sick and you’re homeless, and you need a place for a couple days, we will put you up in a room, a hotel,” Blount said.

Brown said he’s thankful for Street Dogz for keeping his family together.

“Even when I’m sad, or whatever I’m going through, I have those two,” Brown said. “And they might not talk but they know when I feel bad. They’ve always been there to cheer me up.”

Blount said it’s a little extra help for the pets, so that people like Brown can focus on saving money and getting back on their feet.

“I know when I’m working, I can do so much more for them,” Brown said.

Street Dogz relies on donations. It has several sponsors and partners, including realtor Anthony Phillips, Las Vegas Rescue and Pawsitive Difference.

If you would like to help, Street Dogz needs donations and volunteers. The group estimates it’s helping 1,200 pets right now.

You can reach them at or @streetdogzlv on social media.

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