iced out barber shop

Jackie Starr, owner, Iced Out barber shop (FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Icedout Barbershop has been operating from its Historic Westside location for nearly 20 years. 

When owner Jackie Starr opened the business on Martin Luther King Boulevard, the street was called Highland Drive, she said. Almost two decades later, Starr now has a second location on South Decatur Boulevard and employs nine barbers. 

She said the feeling of accomplishment opening a barber shop in a male-dominated industry was "amazing." 

“This is where I started. When I first got 'Iced Out' it was a feeling I can’t even describe ... It was like an amazing feeling. I was like wow, can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe I did that," Starr said.

"Barbering is one of the old professions. I’m in a male-dominated industry. I just came in fit right in because if you perfect your craft and you just focus and concentrate on what it is you’re doing there’s nothing impossible," Starr said.  "Being black and you going in certain areas to start a business I feel like the doors don’t open as easily if you were another race." 

Starr says despite the challenges of opening and running a business, she finds strength and encouragement to persevere when she thinks of her ancestors. 

"Being a black business owner with all the challenges that I face I just keep on going.  My strength comes from our ancestors, you know what I’m saying? Something that I’m proud to say I can carry-on," Starr said.

Starr has launched a product line, which she says has given her a wider range to express herself through her brand.  

"It’s just given me more and more ideas. It’s being able to express myself and expand myself over the world now because you can only have so many shop, you can only have so many barbers and so many different locations but with the brand, it’s possible it can go worldwide," she said. "You know when you have something you have passion for, it’s something you’ll always be a part of.”

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