LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- After living on the streets of Las Vegas, Dana Canfield noticed that even within shelters and nonprofit groups, something was missing within the homeless community.

The thing missing was access to haircuts and grooming resources.

"Getting a haircut kind of can spark a little bit of a jumpstart in someone’s life as far as not having anything and not really seeing a way out," Canfield said. 

Canfield, who goes by "The Street Barber", is now back on his feet.

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He travels to pop-up events, making sure other people can get the confidence they need to get back on theirs.

"I feel the wind coming through it. It’s pretty good. I love it," said Kalvin, who received a free haircut from Canfield on Thanksgiving. 

The Street Barber said it’s also about trust. Canfield said its easy to be broken down while living outside.

"The fact of somebody trusting you to cut their hair – just even running your comb or anything through their hair is such a dramatic moment between somebody that hasn’t had anyone kind of care for them or take the time to acknowledge them," he said. 

Canfield offers haircuts free of charge. 

"The haircut can do so much. I’ve noticed the relationships I’ve built out here and the look in someone’s eye and how they feel after they get a haircut," Canfield said. 

He tries to cut his clients' hair as short as possible, knowing it could be months before they’re able to get another clean up.

"It’s been about five months and it needed it," Kalvin said. 

Canfield said he has clients' testimonials and more information on his website website:

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george strong

Most successful men cut their own hair.

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