Las Vegas police release over 2K pages of new 1 October reports

Stephen Paddock unleashed his rampage through two broken windows at the Mandalay Bay hotel (FOX5).

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A Las Vegas attorney representing thousands of 1 October survivors and many of the victims’ families said the guns used during the mass shooting should not be destroyed.

Robert Eglet with Eglet Prince Law said the guns of 1 October are evidence in multiple pending litigation.

“I commend this donor from Silicon Valley who has offered this but we can't destroy the guns now,” said Eglet. “Those guns and the bags and the containers they were brought into the hotel with are evidence."

Eglet is representing 1 October clients in litigation against MGM Resorts and Slide Fire Solutions, which manufactures and sells bump stocks.

Eglet said he and his clients are in favor of the guns destruction but not until all 1 October-related cases are closed.

Eglet and his law firm told FOX5 he issued notices to the attorney for the special administrator of Stephen Paddock's estate, Alice Denton, and to the FBI’s Las Vegas field office writing that the guns should not be destroyed.

"They're not looking at the big picture,” said Eglet. “They don't represent these victims. But I do. And I have to make sure the evidence is preserved."

The response comes after an anonymous donor gave Denton $62,500 so that the shooter’s guns would be destroyed. The donation is a little higher than the assessed worth of the weapons.

In an interview with CNN, Denton said it is her responsibility to liquidate the assets of Paddock and donate the funds to the beneficiaries, the families of the 58 victims.

"Do we perpetuate the violence by putting these guns back into the hands of unknown people who could use them to hurt and maim other people? Or do we destroy them,” said Denton on CNN.

The families could destroy the guns or sell them. The donor gave the funds so that the families could both get the money they deserve and still be able to destroy the guns.

Denton said she plans to go before a Probate Commissioner in March to argue for the guns destruction. Eglet said if Denton’s request is approved, he would immediately appeal.

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