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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A lawsuit filed in federal court this week aims to stop President Donald Trump's executive order halting evictions. 

Trump's executive order grants the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the power to stop evictions based on COVID-19 health risks associated with people and families facing homelessness. 

The executive order halts evictions for many Americans until December 31, provided they sign a declaration form and meet certain criteria.

The suit filed in federal court by the New Civil Liberties Alliance calls the financial burden on landlords unfair without financial relief for renters and landlords. The National Apartment Association joined the suit as a plaintiff. 

"We have been able to provide housing through this entire pandemic, but it is not sustainable," said Susy Vasquez, executive director of the Nevada State Apartment Association.

The organization is an affiliate of the National Apartment Association. 

"There is a point where we can't continue to provide free housing," Vasquez said, stating the association supports court mediation, financial aid, payment plans and other resources as solutions. 

Vasquez said the effects of Nevada's eviction moratorium, which expires October 15, have already had effects across the Silver State. Landlords have had to absorb costs and consider layoffs. There is also less inventory across the valley for anyone who needs to move, giving renters fewer options. 

The situation is problematic for tenants who seek to move out of a apartment they can no longer afford, and seek cheaper rent.  

The CDC must respond to the lawsuit on Friday. 

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Are you idiots paying attention? President Trump is trying to STOP the evictions. But, doesn't seem that the Democrats care, now do they? That was the whole idea in starting the Pandemic. Democrats want to CONTROL YOU. Get with the program VOTE the DEMOCRATS OUT!!!!!


New Civil Liberties Alliance is a right wing group trying to stop the president from halting evictions. They intentionally make their name sound like the ACLU to mislead you and make you think its the left.

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