Aircraft developer Kitty Hawk was testing out its version of the flying car at Lake Las Vegas on Tuesday.

The Flyer weighs less than 250 pounds and no pilot license is required. But that means it’s only regulated for recreational use over areas that are sparsely populated.

That’s one of the reasons Kitty Hawk chose Lake Las Vegas as its training site.

“This is the coolest because it really is the future,” flight training manager Brittney Miculka said. “It’s an easy place to travel into, beautiful scenery.”

The ultra-light aircraft is not available to the public. The only people who can test drive it are investors and founding members.

“I bought a ticket to space and now I bought a Flyer,” investor Carter Reum said.

If you’re lucky enough to get a ride, you first have to through about 1.5 hours of training.

“Flight rehearsal helps get out some of those jitters before you get to be in the air doing some amazing things,” Miculka said.

“You think, ‘Flying vehicle, flying hover craft, oh man, this is going to be so complicated,’” Reum said. “I walked in and thought I could've taken this Flyer out in two minutes because it was so intuitive and so simple.”

Instructors said that’s the beauty of this. It’s even easier to drive than a car.

“So you get scared, you get worried, just let go and it sits there,” director of engineering for the Flyer project Todd Reichert said.

Then, once you’re confident on the ground, it’s time to take it to the sky.

“You put your helmet on, you have radios in your ear, you get to start it, get all the propellers spinning,” Miculka said.

The Flyer can hover for 12 minutes.

“I came here excited, I leave here even more excited for that first flight,” Reum said.

Developers and investors said it’s all for fun right now, but this is just a small glimpse into the future of transportation. The long-term goal is to ease traffic on roads.

“I know there's a day in the future where these will be everywhere,” Reum said. “These will solve congestion and these will give us our time back.”

Developers would not say exactly how much the Flyer is going for. But they said eventually the price should be in the same range as an electric car.

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