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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Tens of thousands of “top jobs” will come to the valley by 2026, and Clark County officials are working to tackle a predicament: not enough qualified workers to fill them.

The Workforce Blueprint 2.0 study said 96,000 jobs will be created in the Las Vegas Valley by 2026, all with a list of the “top 100 jobs” with growth.

The top ten include software developers, nurses and electricians, all jobs requiring a degree or a trade certification.

“We see new industries forming right before our very eyes,” said Jonas Peterson, CEO of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. "We need tons of workers to fill those in-demand jobs,” he said.

“Many of our in-demand jobs ... we have gaps. We're turning out more workers, but that rate of [job] growth is really strong,” Peterson said.

The study said to fill these jobs, the county must lure qualified people to work in the valley, while training locals to meet the demand. More educational resources must be given and developed to train workers for these industries, the report said.

“[The report] really lays out what we most need, and [can] get those kids thinking about, what are the jobs of the future,” said Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones, who sits on the LVGEA Board.

Jones said as the county has worked to diverse industries to the valley, county officials work with higher education institutions to communicate jobs needs.

CCSD students must also continue to provide occupation programs, preparing them for college or trade school.

The county is expected to hear a presentation on the report Tuesday at the commission meeting.

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