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CARSON CITY (FOX5) -- Gov. Steve Sisolak signed into law Assembly Bill 182, which designates neon as the state element for Nevada, on Monday.

AB 182 was passed unanimously in the state legislature. Students and teachers from Carson Montessori School testified to lawmakers as to why neon should be listed as Nevada's state element during a hearing on March 20.

"Neon works well for advertising because it is visible both day and night; and of course, we all know that Nevada is a 24-hour state," Devyn Kellner said, a 5th grader at Montessori. "Not only do we celebrate the neon icons of our past, but Nevada is actively adding and returning more beautiful neon to our landscape."

Sadie Brown, another 5th grader at Montessori, said, "Nevada definitely is known for its neon. From its Reno Arch to its Las Vegas glitter gulch, and the fact that people still look out of airplane windows to see the glow of those orange neon lights below, neon has been a key part of each Nevada community's culture and heritage and it still is."

Neon is the latest addition of 22 other Nevada state symbols, including:

  • State animal: Bighorn Sheep
  • State artifact: Tule duck decoy
  • State bird: Mountain Bluebird
  • State colors: Silver and blue
  • State fish: Lahontan Cutthroat Trout
  • State flower: Sagebrush
  • State fossil: Ichthyosaur
  • State grass: Indian rice grass
  • State insect: Vivid Dancer Damselfly
  • State metal: Silver
  • State nicknames: The Silver State, Battle Born
  • State precious gemstone: Virgin Valley Black Fire Opal
  • State reptile: Desert tortoise
  • State rock: Sandstone
  • State semi-precious gemstone: Nevada turquoise
  • State song: Home Means Nevada
  • State trees: Single-leaf pinon and Bristlecone pine 

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