LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- After a fire in June destroyed a central valley office building and displaced dozens of businesses, fire investigators were trying to determine what sparked the blaze.

Crews were expected to be at the office building located at 3900 Paradise Road, near Flamingo Road, through the week.

"We're investigating this fire on behalf of insurance companies for cause and origin. What happened and how did it happen," said fire investigator Timothy Lomprey of Lomprey Investigations.

Investigators said they will start on the outside of the building by moving large amounts of debris and documenting everything as they go. Slowly, they plan to make their way to the building’s interior.

"Metal things and fire movement. It all leaves signatures,” said Lomprey.

Witnesses said the fire, which erupted on June 17, started on the second floor. Based on what they have seen so far, investigators said witness accounts appear to be accurate. 

"That's a challenge for this investigation because a lot of the second floor is gone, but the debris is still there. People have a misconception that everything burns up. A lot of the debris stays behind and then we sift through, dig through, try to figure out what's what,” said Lomprey.

Clark County Fire Department officials were also on scene and were cooperating with investigators hired by the building’s insurance company. 

"They are having their own independent investigation. From Clark County Fire's perspective, it is still under investigation. They will be conducting their own research and we are doing ours, but we will have a presence here," said Clark County Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Buchanan.

Investigators said the fire burned for 17 hours. At one point, Clark County Fire had to open parts of the structure up with heavy machinery to gain better access.

"In the process of opening the structure up, they also pulled down a part of the structure. That's just part of the challenges. It's what we do, I play Where's Waldo all the time," said Lomprey.

In this case, "Waldo" represents the origin of a fire that destroyed the office building and displaced dozens of local businesses.

"Time and effort. Time and effort. This is probably going to take approximately a week to sift through we have heavy equipment on staff, there's more investigators I'm not the only one. And we are all looking for the same thing -- what happened," said Lomprey.   

A public hearing on the property is scheduled for August 20 at 7 p.m. at the Clark County Commission Chambers, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway.  

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