LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- In 1931, construction began on the Hoover Dam and at Hotel Apache, now tied to Binion’s Gambling Hall and Casino.

“Originally, it was to have a space available for dam workers,” Elizabeth Bristow with TLC Casinos said.

The luxury hotel was the first of its kind.

“It opened in 1932 by P.O. Silvagni,” Bristow said.

The hotel has 81 rooms, each with a private bathroom and Southern Nevada’s first electric elevator.

“At that time it was a mega resort, for the time period,” Bristow said.

Recently restored and reopened, the hotel still has the same charm.

“It has seen wars, it has seen the railroad changes, it has seen mining,” Bristow said.

Stained glass ceilings, original fixtures,

“This property is filled with spirit activity. I could feel it the first time I walked through the front doors,” psychic medium Dallisa Hocking said. “I’m a 5th generation psychic medium. I will see things that look like a daydream in front of me.”

She can see and hear more clearly what others might think was just a trick on their minds.

“People who have worked in this hotel have seen shadows. They’ve heard noises,” Bristow said.

Some of the spirits are believed to be former employees, too loyal to leave.

“They may still be going through their duties,” Bristow said.

Others may have stayed at the hotel for a night or two.

“There have been things here that have been very hard to look at,” Hocking said. “People that have had traumatic experiences.”

In room 376, “as soon as we got in here, I could feel a spirit over here,” Hocking said. She and fellow psychic medium, Brandy Knapp, felt the spirit of a man.

“He has brown hair. He looks to be about 40-ish years old,” Hocking said.

They believe his life ended in here. But that’s not what they said, he wanted to focus on.

“So he’s showing us a memory that he had, and he actually stayed in this room,” Hocking said. “He used the words lonely, despair. I’m hearing rock bottom.”

They want to help him escape.

“His wife is coming forward three children,” Knapp said. “He’s already making his way. That’s all he needed.”

“Once that door opens for them to cross, usually the loved ones are on the other side to help with the transition,” Knapp explained.

Hocking said said Binion’s is a portal between two worlds.

“The spirits move from room to room, but there is one particular location where a lot of them will congregate together,” Hocking said.

That room is behind Room 400.

On the blueprint, there is what’s known as the penthouse. And that was built on the fourth floor,” Bristow said.

The hotel elevator only takes guests to three floors. A hotel secret, the account room behind Room 400 was once used for sorting money from the casino floor.

“I could feel the heaviness in my chest as soon as I turned the corner,” Hocking said. “It’s like they’re coming from here, they’re coming from here, they’re coming from here. It just feels like this crossing point.”

Hocking said even if you’re not as in touch with the other side, “You may also notice other signals like chills, goosebumps on your body, you might feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up.”

“Guests will talk about their change, or their keys, their wallet will show up in odd places,” Bristow said.

The most curious guests can rent one of the hotel’s ghost hunting kits. It comes with a spirit box and an SD card for guests to record and keep their encounters. Guests are also encouraged to share anything strange at a sign-in book at the front desk.

“There will be different spirits that come in,” Hocking said. “Just keep pulling the thread and they’ll keep showing you the story.”

Due to COVID-19, the hotel is not currently renting out ghost hunting kits. Once rentals resume, the cost is $25 for two nights. The kit also includes a flashlight, EMF scanner and tips to interpret any encounter. 

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