Hurricane strands Miami Central High School football team in Las Vegas

The Miami Central High School football team was stranded in Las Vegas. (Adam Herbets / FOX5)

The nationally-ranked Miami Central High School football team got stranded in Las Vegas after traveling into town to play Bishop Gorman High School. On Sunday, members of the team were trying to get in contact with family members who stayed behind to brave the storm.

Chris Metayer, who made the game-winning interception for the Central Rockets, said his mom was watching him play on Friday night, on ESPN, from her home in Miami. The 6-foot-3 defensive back was focused on the game, but he said he still couldn't stop thinking about his family members as they prepared for Hurricane Irma.

"I'm just praying to get back home," he said. "I called my mom this morning, and my mom's like, 'They're going to cut off the power. The power got cut off.'"

A lot of the other players said they are in similar situations. They haven't been able to celebrate their win at home or even see what the city they left behind looks like.

Robert Hicks, the blitzing linebacker who created enough pressure to force the interception, said now the team is forced to celebrate in Las Vegas, mostly because everyone is safe.

"A lot of people at your house are going through a tough stage, and you're not there. They're always on your mind," Hicks said. "It's raining, thundering, everything. They're okay though."

"There's a lot going on back there. I'm glad that it didn't hit as expected," offensive lineman Taurrian Stafford said.

Evel Pie, a pizzeria in downtown Las Vegas, hosted and fed the team on Sunday night. The players prayed before their meal and said thank you to Las Vegas for the hospitality.

"I'm praying for everybody back at the house," Metayer said. "Right now, everybody's in my prayers, and I really want to get back to my mom."

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