LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- People looking for a job can help themselves while helping the Clark County School District with a lingering bus driver shortage. The district is short approximately 240 school bus drivers.

Parents have complained about late buses and even no buses for their kids. Many school sporting events have been cancelled due to the shortage.

CCSD has a detailed guide for becoming a school bus driver. Applicants must complete a series of requirements before being hired.

Requirements to become a bus driver include: a valid driver’s license, a safe driving record, 10-year driving history, seven-year work history and you must have a completed and accepted application. Bus drivers need a commercial driver's license to operate a school bus, however applicants don't need a CDL  for their application. CCSD said they will help candidates get a CDL and pay for their training.

According to CCSD’s website, a bus trainee will make $15.67 an hour. Once training is over, a bus driver will make between $15.67 and $19.98 an hour, while a special education bus driver will make between $16.45 and $20.99 an hour.

CCSD would like full-time bus drivers, but part time work is available. District officials said part-time drivers would not be eligible for sick leave, vacation, retirement benefits or paid holidays.

The training period to become a bus driver is two and half weeks. 

it would take about two months in all to go from applying, to driving a school bus on one of the 1600 bus routes in the district.

CCSD’s bus driver informational page can be accessed here, which includes frequently asked questions and answers.

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