Sprinklers in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Since 2000, Southern Nevadans have bought into water conservation.

According to the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s Bronson Mack, "This community has pitched in and have done their part to conserve."

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The numbers speak for themselves. We are using 25-percent less water despite population growth of 46-percent compared to 20 years ago.

Our conservation efforts are so good, we won’t even feel the lower allotment of water that we will be entitled to in 2020 under the agreement reached with the states that draw from Lake Mead.

Our allotment goes from 300,000 acre-feet to 292,000 acre-feet. One acre-foot is enough to supply two households with water for a little more than a year.

According to Mack, Southern Nevada is on track to use only 230,000 acre-feet of water in 2019, well below our allotment.

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The water that we don’t use, we store and can use for a later day.

While our efforts are paying off, we can still do better.

"Sixty-percent of Southern Nevada’s water supply is used outdoors. Forty-percent indoors," Mack said. "Water used outdoors is used only once. Indoor water can be treated and reused."

The best way to conserve water is to continue to reduce our outdoor water consumption says Mack.

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The Water Authority is targeting what it describes as 5000 acres of unnecessary grass -- grass that is not walked on or played on. Each square-foot of grass uses 55 gallons of water annually.

"Eliminating that grass has the potential water savings of 12 billion gallons annually or 37,000 acre-feet of water (more than 10 percent of our total water supply)."


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