Galean Simon (Courtesy, Andrea Simon)

Galean Simon (Courtesy, Andrea Simon)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A valley family was in mourning after Galean Simon died protecting his family.

Police said the suspect, Sheyland Barnett, stabbed Galean to death outside of a business near McCarran International Airport on Wednesday.

Galean’s family spoke exclusively with FOX5 Sunday and said they were still in shock and grieving. They call Galean a teddy bear and a hero. They said he would’ve helped a stranger and he died protecting the ones he loved the most.

“This is our love story and it’s come to an abrupt end,” Galean’s wife Andrea Simon said.

The two got married three years ago. They had big plans, including growing their family.

“He wanted a baby,” Andrea said. “He wanted a baby girl.”

Galean’s nickname was "Lucky Nutty Cortez." An avid sports booker, his family said he worked as a concreter and loved the Raiders.

“He was excited about helping build the Raiders stadium,” Andrea said. “Some of the guys over there, they’re going to write his name in the concrete. So he’ll be at the Raiders stadium just like he wanted.”

But not the way they had planned.

“He passed away protecting someone, so he’s not just a superman,” his cousin Karla Kanady said. “He’s a hero.”

Karla said she works near the airport. She said one of her co-workers and good friends was having problems at home with a man named Sheyland Barnett.

“He used to wait for her in the parking lot, she used to look around to see if he was there,” she said.

On Tuesday, Barnett came to their workplace and threatened Karla. She told Galean about those threats.

“He was like, ‘You can’t put nothing past people, we got to make sure you’re okay,’” Karla said. “That was his main concern was to make sure I was okay.”

Galean, Andrea and their son went to Karla’s job on Wednesday afternoon to make sure she got to her car safely.

What they didn’t know was that Barnett was also waiting in the parking lot.

Police said Barnett and the victims were driving in opposite directions and stopped as the vehicles got close to each other. "Occupants of both vehicles got out of and a fight ensued," according to Barnett's arrest report. 

“He already had his weapon. It was taped to his hand,” Karla said.

Karla described the attack differently and said Barnett ambushed Galean, stabbing him multiple times, including in the neck.

sunset stabbing

Las Vegas Metro police investigated a fatal stabbing on Dec. 5, 2018.

“His wife covered him up so the suspect could stop stabbing him because my cousin dropped to his knees,” Karla said. “He came to my job to protect me and that’s exactly what he did. Not one scratch on me and he made sure.”

“I tried to save him, I tried so hard,” Andrea said. “I tried to save him and I couldn’t. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Andrea was stabbed as well.

“I just wish it would’ve happened to me. I would’ve took it,” Karla said. “I would’ve took it. I know if I did, my cousin would’ve taken care of my kids.”

The family said they are now in shock that their hero is gone.

“Galean was everything to me. He was my heart. He was my Superman,” Andrea said.

“We didn’t even have a straw, there was no point of him bringing a knife,” Karla said. “There was no point of him bringing anything. He could’ve just gotten out of the car and talked to Galean. It didn’t have to go like this. All he had to do was be a man. You could’ve had a civilized conversation.”

Police said Barnett told them he threw the knife out of his passenger door into a vacant lot near Placid Street and George Crockett Road. 

Barnett appeared in court on Monday morning. 

The family was still making funeral plans Sunday. To donate to the family's funeral expenses, click here.

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