Julian Kellner

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- “I was told by the coroner’s office that I was not allowed to see my mother again because of the condition of her body,” Brandon Wilt said. “If they would’ve done their job, then I could’ve possibly said goodbye one more time. Now I’m not allowed to.”

A Las Vegas woman’s family wants answers. She was found dead two weeks after they reported her missing.

Henderson police found Juliane Kellner and the suspect Victor Crisan, 39, dead in an apparent murder suicide on July 10.

FOX5 talked to Kellner’s son this weekend. On Monday, FOX5 took his questions to Henderson police.

“It took them so long to do something and something is not right, something is not right at all,” Brandon Wilt said.

One of the big questions her family had was why it took so long for police to find her.

June 28 was the last time Juliane Kellner’s roommate saw her. Henderson Police found her 12 days later.

“I called countless times, every single day until I was here,” Wilt said.

Wilt felt helpless. He lives in Florida. His mom’s friend called to tell him she was gone.

“For eight, nine days we’re screaming and crying that something is not right, something’s wrong,” he said.

Kellner lived in Las Vegas so her case was filed with Metro police, who then turned to their partners in Henderson for help.

Henderson Police broke down what they can and cannot do once someone is reported missing.

“Our initial call was just the discovery of the victim’s car,” Lt. Kirk Moore said. “You got a car in an apartment complex. There’s no association in the complex so there’s nowhere to go. When we got that information, we knocked on that door, we knocked on many of the other apartments with a picture of the missing to see if anyone knew who she was. That result was a negative.”

Henderson police said that’s what is considered a welfare check. At the time, they had no reason to believe Kellner was in danger.

“Absent of those circumstances, then we can’t just go into somebody’s house or a structure warrantlessly. We just can’t do that.”

But on July 10, Metro police got enough information to go into the apartment.

“They were able to obtain a key, we went with them,” Lt. Moore said. “That’s when we discovered what was a horrific scene.”

Wilt said his mom was turning her life around. She finished a drug rehab program and got involved in her church. Her two teenage daughters were supposed to come out to visit.

He believes his mom met Victor Crisan on the dating app, Plenty of Fish and that they had been seeing each other for at least a month.

“She definitely wouldn’t put herself in this position on purpose, that’s for sure,” he said.

Henderson police said anyone can report a missing person. Police suggest you always let someone know where you are so that investigators can look into it quickly.

“In the event something happens that gives us an avenue, or some teeth, or a place to start, if we’re going to look for you,” Lt. Moore said.

Kellner’s family met with Henderson police on Monday.

Police added Victor Crisan did not have a criminal history or any red flags before this. So they do not know why he killed Kellner or himself.

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